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My interest for outer space : A brief story and introduction

“This blog is going to consist of many different posts that I’ve been writing and working on since last year. All I needed was a ‘platform’ where I could display my work. I know I should’ve posted this before my very first post , though.

They are all going to be about  my own interests , which are far more different from my peers’ interests.

Last year , I randomly opened an article that was basically a list of different unique objects and wonders found in the observable Universe. I sure was amazed , and ever since then a passion for outer space grew inside of me. I began doing research on astronomy , and yes there was once a point where I would confuse the term ‘astrology’ with ‘astronomy’ because yeah , I was a noob. The things I found were astonishing : Black holes  , stars and their massiveness , different galaxies , colorful nebulas , solar systems , planets ,moons and what not. Being terrible at physics in school , I felt that it was odd of me to take such keen interest in astronomy and astrophysics , and so instead of using all those mathematical equations and formulas that I don’t know how to use properly to this very day , I decided to use the information I learnt by combining it with my hobby of writing.

Writing you see , was and is still a way of escapism for me. Escapism from what? Escapism from the teenage troubles that one faces during this phase and stage of life. Most people do not realise just how difficult it can be for a regular teenager to go through so much all of a sudden. They’re new to all these changes and emotions etcetera. The reason why astronomy has caught my attention is because I can see parts of the Universe within myself. In fact , every individual contains parts of the Universe within themselves.We all can relate to the beautiful catastrophes and miracles that take place inside the infinite Heavens.

However , before gathering all this information my love for celestial objects and the interstellar world was only limited to aesthetic enjoyment. I love star-gazing and watching the moon going through different phases even now because a part of me feels so euphoric while doing so that I cannot put in words to describe it. The Earth itself is so beautiful in so many ways ; it’s  up to you how you perceive it’s beauty. Some may find it to be a scary , disastrous place while others may enjoy every single detail that makes up this ‘masterpiece’.

I hope you have a good read 🙂 to be continued.”




I am currently 17 years old and from Pakistan. I love astronomy. Period. The Universe and all that it contains never fails to fascinate me , so I choose to use different astronomical terms in my essays , poems , writings etc. I hope you like my content and that my depiction of life fascinates you as well! :) P.s follow me on instagram for more :@myinterstellarfantasies.

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