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‘Her priority is the Earth’s sky’: Part two


“The way that this attractive astronomical object (the moon) along with the astonishing number of stars

shining in the night sky perpetually make her realise just how much there is to look forward to

She cannot stop mentioning how much of a saint he is

as though he set and decorated the mere sky with these aesthetically beautiful and appealing miracles

the ones that she can gaze at for hours and hours

never getting tired of the prettiness

They consistently remind her of him

which is why she always looks up to the sky

with hope , faith and an entirely new Universe insider her eyes

And so she looks up at the wonderful , glimmering night sky and it reminds her of him

for he has ignited her heart with an endless, non-stop consuming fire.”


To be continued ! Hope you enjoyed.




I am currently 17 years old and from Pakistan. I love astronomy. Period. The Universe and all that it contains never fails to fascinate me , so I choose to use different astronomical terms in my essays , poems , writings etc. I hope you like my content and that my depiction of life fascinates you as well! :) P.s follow me on instagram for more :@myinterstellarfantasies.

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