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Bullying & criticism :A self reminder and CLEVER approach

“If certain people make you feel odd & bad about your shy or ‘different’ nature and show you hurtful gestures , just remember that some of them are brought up by being told that whoever is somewhat different from them is a Martian creature ! No offence though , aliens are cool ;)). However getting back to the point , this isn’t your fault because sadly you’re going to be judged and discussed no matter what ,because they just don’t understand or care about your daily struggles.

You see,not everyone has a heart as caring ,loving and huge as yours. If someone points out your flaws & insecurities ( lets suppose  your appearance ,personal habits , persona,  traumatic incidents of life or anything else that irks you) or ridicules something that is truly precious & dear to you then it’s their problem , not YOURS. It’s their problem because they are yet another human being like you among the 7 billion inhabiting this terrestrial planet in a vast galaxy called the Milky Way, that’s also located alongside other similar galaxies, which furthermore lead to the rather obscure & mysterious Universe: a place beyond our complex yet limited imagination. Why must someone’s mere opinion that is completely invisible and out of sight as compared to other wonders of the Universe matter to you ? In a vast and a seemingly endless totality , chances are that an inhabitant of a fairly small planet called ‘Earth’ is not the centre of the Universe.Let’s face it , we being the immortal souls trapped inside mortal bodies will leave this place one day anyway , so why not make good use of our temporary existence and the limited time that always slips out our fingers when we’re not looking?
You’re a Universe yourself ; you have astonishing things within yourself , some of those things and aspects known to many while the rest of you purely & utterly hidden. You’re a mystery that is going to remain unrevealed in many ways for most of the part and only those who truly deserve to have a good look of your inner beauty will know what you are from within. You’re an abstract artwork and a masterpiece , different from anyone else’s work of art. That’s what makes you a different Universe amongst billions of other Multiverses. Why let a little spill of black ink ( that is the harsh judgement thrown at you or a comment directed towards you by another individual ) ruin this imperfect perfection? Art is to be loved , appreciated and criticised , otherwise it is not art after all. Therefore, whenever someone bashes you in any way, just smile and remember they are the critics and you are the work of art , absolutely wonderful & enchanting in your own way.
In this world , criticism and admiration go hand in hand. There is no balance without any of the two components. You see , if everything were to be endlessly admired and exaggerated , the world would be an inhumane and unfair place with no justice. Same is the case with criticism; if there was nothing but criticism the world would be an unnatural place and a living hell. Conclusion is , both make world ‘natural’ and somewhat humane. Every single one of us gets targeted in someway or another at some point or another in our lives , so instead of wondering how you’d possibly get out alive , just remember that you really aren’t the only one going through this. Bullying of all sorts , comments that just crack and break your heart into a million pieces and becoming a topic of gossipy discussion is something we all go through NO MATTER WHAT we do , even if we hide away from the entire world people will somehow manage to find and point us out.
You can’t be everything to everyone  ( a Slipknot reference) ;even if you have  a heart of gold , someone is going to try to make you pathetic anyway. Just remember if you’re gold among coal & pebbles , then splendid! Being different did you good. It is natural that such a valuable gem is going to be pointed out when it’s visible in front of everyone’s eyes; some will want to keep you while some will want to exploit you. That’s why you shouldn’t feel bad if someone belittles you because either they want to be you , get what you have or want to see you below them. they’ll try finding dirt on you in order to classify you as impure , just because the hatred , envy and jealousy surely floods through their veins. You can do nothing but smile about it and thank them for shaping you up and making you even more PRICELESS. It’s alright if you’re comparatively more shy than other people around you , it’s okay if you walk like a penguin because so do I and I’m proud to be a penguin walker because penguins are awesome :)), it’s okay if you lack something that’s out of your control and as cliché as it sounds , it’s completely okay to be yourself. Being yourself is like presenting your special possessions and being downright proud of it
At the end of the day , those who like beautiful things (aka you) will cherish you and keep you in their hearts forever whereas those who are picky and point out flaws out of everything will keep judging. Let them do it and enjoy each and every single moment of your magical life. You might as well take it up a notch! Also, remember that what you hate the most about yourself , someone else will find it to be your most appealing and lovely trait and chances are , you aren’t as glorious without your flaws. Don’t let their words & nasty stares get to you!” 🙂


I am currently 17 years old and from Pakistan. I love astronomy. Period. The Universe and all that it contains never fails to fascinate me , so I choose to use different astronomical terms in my essays , poems , writings etc. I hope you like my content and that my depiction of life fascinates you as well! :) P.s follow me on instagram for more :@myinterstellarfantasies.

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