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Our overwhelmed minds

“Do you sometimes get that overwhelming feeling right in your chest when something random and apparently negligible happens before your eyes or produces unexplainable feelings that you cannot quite put your finger on? As if that ostensibly insignificant moment means everything to you. It can be a scenery or sight you get your eyes on , it can be a person’s smile , it can be a scent or a familiar voice , it can literally be anything at all.

You see , the world is a funny place. Your surroundings can either make you feel like you are in paradise or in the flaming depths of hell. Even if you notice something very tiny that not many people care about , you end up feeling completely perplexed or , even shocked.

Just like when you look around and watch people carefully ( though it may make you look like a stalker , but that is another story) , at the end of the day you obtain more knowledge about the human nature , expressions , body language ,beauty and behavior. It may either fascinate you or shock you! When you begin looking around more , you find out what feelings are behind the other person’s face. It is pretty much an art to perceive different things and read faces & minds which is a joy in its own way. Don’t you feel relaxed and happy inside when you see someone (be it a stranger or someone you know) smiling to their fullest while their eyes are as bright as the sunshine that keeps you warm during winter? What about the mystery behind an apparently expressionless face? Could they be sad , lost in their own deep pools of thoughts or be planning something? What if there is absolute nothingness behind that still face?  By now , you must be thinking how about we all just mind our own business and let things be the way they are , but little things like these help us learn a lot. We human beings really are complex , specially when we sneak and look inside each other with great depth.

Now let us go further ahead to my favorite part. That of course , is nature! Some of us are really prone to emotions , while others do not feel much or anything at all. Still , when we sit back outside in our yards or porches or look outside our windows , we easily get distracted by the attraction of nature ; it feels like we are slowly getting ‘dissolved’ into this painting.Painting ? Yes, to me it seems that our terrestrial home is the canvas and everything that it embodies is the painting and artwork. The ironic part is that Planet Earth is a tiny drop of paint that makes it a component of the endless outstretching painting named the Universe ,along with the glittery stars,vibrant nebulas and what not!

When it is a nice weekend and the weather is pleasant and soothing , you plan to sit outside and gaze around for your own pleasure in order to lighten up the mood even more. First , you see how the friendly breezes brush against the tree leaves enriched with the color green, chlorophyl and life. The way those leaves sway swiftly is just so beautiful. The melodious tunes and singing of the sparrows puts your heart to sleep. The newly blossomed flowers remind you of love , life , romance and the limitless blessings given to you by Mother nature and God. You feel the very same way when you look up the clouds and regardless of their shapes and types , they are all aesthetic eye candy. The clouds make the sky look like it is a medivial painting you just cannot stop staring at! You may want to drift far away and float on them , staying away from everything on the land and whatever it comprises of just for the sake of escapism or fun , maybe. We all have different preferences and meanings of fun , yours could be similar or completely opposite to mine. What a pleasure and journey it would be to go into the wide blue yonder for sometime , or perhaps forever. We feel the same thing when we look up at the night sky whether with our naked eyes or with telescopes,  binoculars etc if you are that passionate. Sitting beside our significant one or friend and watching the orange-red sunset bleeding into the horizon, causing darkness to take dawn ( a Metallica reference 😀 ) is so euphoric , even the thought of it makes one feel warm.

When we listen to music , the guitar riffs & solos , the drums , the bass , the vocals and the entire song in general makes us feel connected to the soul of the Universe. Some parts of the song may make us want to cry our hearts out whether there is a reason or a memory linked to it or not! It is just the way it is, but it is beautiful. That is why we feel specifically connected to a certain song , part of the song or a tune.

The next time you step outside your house for exploration purposes , try noticing minor details around you for they could teach you something valuable or just make you feel relaxed !”




I am currently 17 years old and from Pakistan. I love astronomy. Period. The Universe and all that it contains never fails to fascinate me , so I choose to use different astronomical terms in my essays , poems , writings etc. I hope you like my content and that my depiction of life fascinates you as well! :) P.s follow me on instagram for more :@myinterstellarfantasies.

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