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A divine Moonlit night

“A divine moonlit night it was. Everything looked beautiful in a ghostly and haunting way. The full moon was at its brightest , scattering its silver otherworldly light all over the ink black sky as if someone spilled a bucket  of off-white paint all over a black piece of paper. This moonlight blended in so well with the darkness of the night sky, and at the same time  it fell on the surface of the Earth,  revealing every concealed thing under the silent grey brightness. In addition to that , the innumerable twinkling stars spread all across the outstretched sky looked like sprinkled glitter and diamonds, flickering and shimmering with full purpose.

I laid down on my backyard’s grassy ground to observe , absorb and create new images in my mind of the great beyond. It had always been easier and in fact , more enjoyable for me to gaze at the sky during summer nights because it was neither too sweaty nor chilly, plus the sky was as clear as glass most of the nights in July. As I laid down all alone , content with my own company, I let my body and brain relax and allowed my eyes to take in all the beauty produced by the spooky light of the moon.My eyes just could not decide what to gaze at first , everything was too tempting! The celestial beauties visible to the naked eye always tantalized me and sometimes made me think of making my own rocket/spaceship and fly away to explore it all.If only I had all the knowledge and requirements for actually making one and flying far away from the realities of this terrestrial planet which is merely about the size of a marble while being compared to so many other things in the Universe. However , while being an inhabitant and part of this terrestrial satellite , our home still does feel like its vaster than anything else.The irony never ceased to baffle me.

As I began noticing more , my eyes caught different constellations above my head. They were too dim to be seen at first glance , but once I saw them , it was hard for me to look away. The reality hit me hard ; they were too far from my reach , and perhaps even after hundreds of thousands years , I would never be able to reach for them and be able to take in the beauty from a closer look , just like a love that one can never achieve and nourish themselves with, but still longs for it forever. Each season there are different stars and star constellations visible during the nighttime , and sometimes the planets of our solar system are too. Do not confuse them with stars , they can deceive your eyes and mind very easily unless you really know how to differentiate between the two astronomical bodies. It is not that difficult though. If you stare at stars for a considerate amount of time , you will notice that they actually flicker and ‘twinkle’. Planets on the other hand do not flicker or ‘twinkle’ at all and instead , they appear completely motionless which makes them look odd. They ‘light up’ because they reflect off the light given by the Sun, causing them to be seen from Earth. This peculiar adding to the scene itself is so strangely gracious , and it always made me wonder how many times a year our Earth looks the exact same way from Mars or Jupiter. These ignited interstellar bodies accentuated the beautiful sky even more.

This was the perfect time for me to get lost in my thinking even more , while the entire world seemed silent under the howling of the Moon’s strong impactful light. The Moon had always made me feel at home , it is one of those unexplainable feelings. I have always loved all its phases just as much as the other. I reckoned how great it would be to sit on the surface of the Moon and be able to see millions of stars there! The fact that there is no atmosphere there at all makes the view absolutely clear and free from any obstruction. If only it was the same on Earth , to be able to watch the entire Milky Way , but then I believe we would all then take the view and blessing for granted.That is simply my belief anyway. I looked at the Moon a bit more , and thought how beautiful the Moon was , in spite of the dark grey craters and ‘blemishes’ on its surface : flawed yet beautiful and perfect with its imperfections. “That is how all of us are anyway “, I whispered to myself.

I eventually got back up on my feet and walked away slowly towards the entrance of my house, smiling to myself. It was another beautiful blessed night , and it was my own different way of self pleasure and relaxation.Indeed, this divine moonlit night was one of the best moments of my life , and it strengthened my friendship and bonding with my interstellar fantasies even more.”




I am currently 17 years old and from Pakistan. I love astronomy. Period. The Universe and all that it contains never fails to fascinate me , so I choose to use different astronomical terms in my essays , poems , writings etc. I hope you like my content and that my depiction of life fascinates you as well! :) P.s follow me on instagram for more :@myinterstellarfantasies.

One thought on “A divine Moonlit night

  1. I have no words left to say anything. This piece of writing was above all the previous ones. Much fascinating it is. I almost lost my self into it


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