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Is it just me?

“Is it just me who looks at or hears something that reminds them of a bittersweet memory from the past, i.e childhood or the ‘good old days’?

You could be in a state of oblivion, or doing anything or nothing at all until your eyes would ‘accidentally’ capture that one moment and fragment that leads to all the other fragments and collection of your memories, making you forget everything about the present and the future for a few moments and let yourself sink into the sudden nostalgia.

It could be your bedroom ceiling that you begin staring at for apparently no reason , but then it brings about certain flashbacks that bring a happy-sad feeling right in your chest. Now, why would your plain-looking ceiling remind you of something that makes you feel so intensely? Well , maybe it ends up reminding you about your childhood when you used to stare up at your ceiling to look at the “glow in the dark” stickers of the Moon and the stars. You see , this is the thing with memories. Even the most unexpected and random things can relate to your previous years of life.

Maybe you randomly look out your window, or glance at it and notice how gracefully the sunlight rays enter the room as though Heaven was shining and calling out for you, and you end up remembering the good ol’ sunny days when you would go to the local park during spring or early summer and play around with friends or have picnics ( when having picnics was actually a thing). Maybe a certain breeze and its fragrance is what takes you back into the past each time, or even the soothing sound of the fan. Spring time always introduces itself  with lovely , aesthetically amazing fragrant flowers. What if flowers have something to do with your past and memories?

Maybe a gloomy , cloudy grey sky or the violent/calm (whichever may please you) blowing of the leaves immediately brings about a memory from the past that you somehow want back, but now all you can do is cherish the moment similar to a ‘deja-vu’ deep inside your soul. Perhaps , the reason why you actually like stargazing is because you have memories attached to the stars that drag you to a past or dead ‘reality’. For all one knows , a person in your life might have been the brightest star in your life but is no longer there , so you like to go and look at the stars just to preserve the tragically beautiful memory inside your heart. Even if that is not the case in your life (i.e , thankfully the person still is there), you  like to look at the stars anyway in case the person is not around your sight or presence for the time being , because to you there is no difference between your beloved person and the brightest stars and star constellations in a silent, pitch black sky. Conceivably , these ‘stars’ are what make your silent nights not so silent. Maybe the bright full Moon giving off its typical light that still leaves you awestricken each time you go out because you always wanted to walk on the surface of the mysterious and somehow distant friend of Earth whom the Earth cannot survive without. You used to think that maybe the crescent Moon really has a nose like in the drawings or cartoons , but now when you think of it each time you cannot help but smile and feel foolish.

To me , there is yet another thing that is funny about memories. I do not know about you , but some of my flashbacks and memories make me question myself whether I will ever be able to achieve or accomplish even the most impossible things that used to and still linger at the back of my head? I can only let my imagination and thoughts wander this way till my last moment , for the repetition of this process is always so tantalizing and fun, and one may never grow tired of it.”




I am currently 17 years old and from Pakistan. I love astronomy. Period. The Universe and all that it contains never fails to fascinate me , so I choose to use different astronomical terms in my essays , poems , writings etc. I hope you like my content and that my depiction of life fascinates you as well! :) P.s follow me on instagram for more :@myinterstellarfantasies.

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