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You create yourself

“You create yourself.period.The same way you create the person who you want to be, you destroy yourself as well. We always have the choice to be content and grateful, and yet we choose to look at that one aspect or situation that is not going too well. Sometimes, we really do become our own worst enemies.Nobody criticises us as much as we do; nobody notices & points out our flaws and chooses to discuss them 24/7 like we do ,nobody hates us as much as we hate ourselves and most of all, nobody can set us free from this mental agony and prison but ourselves.

Why not turn around the game and pour love inside our souls instead? No, that does not make one conceited or stuck up , because self-love and care is very essential for each and every single one of us in order to grow and shine everywhere like stars and quasars.Instead of becoming your very own rivals , you can befriend your soul,heart and mind respectively because that is when you create your most beautiful , invincible self. Being invincible does not mean becoming invisible to the inevitable law of the Universe and the hardships and trials that it brings in order to test us, but  instead it means to allow your sweetness & love to overpower the hate, doubts , hopelessness and the bitterness.

The tools needed for creating yourself are not scarce but in fact abundant, they are only overlooked by many. Things you will need are:  Your heart , mind and your capabilities. See, it is that simple! You have it all since birth. The next step is : use them, silly.

Listen to your heartbeat, the strong movements of the pulsars in your heart indicate you must listen to where the light wants to lead you to, do not be scared. Do not hesitate to let the nebulas diffuse out of your heart and mind, and allow the cosmic colors flowing within you to form a matchless and outstanding piece of art, be it something unrecognizable but art does not have to make sense. Know that the palms of your hand contain the centre of the largest of galaxies, and stars and the bold ink blackness of the outer space drip from your fingertips. Your mind is the most complex thing in the known Universe, and that should be enough to know how powerful you already are, if in case you feel worthless, powerless and as though you lack what it takes to be yourself.

Do not let any of this go waste, and remember it is not too late to use your supplies and create the finest of works nobody has ever seen before. You are that finest work of art, and what you do is one of the components of the entire portrait. Remember, you can always improve, since you are this good now, imagine how much you can change when you begin to work on all this? Also, remember that even the rugged landscapes of different planets and moons are cracked and flawed, but oh so beautiful. Without their flaws, they would not be the same. Their craters, mountains, depressions in the ground, volcanoes and everything else that they embody are so normal, yet so majestic.”




I am currently 17 years old and from Pakistan. I love astronomy. Period. The Universe and all that it contains never fails to fascinate me , so I choose to use different astronomical terms in my essays , poems , writings etc. I hope you like my content and that my depiction of life fascinates you as well! :) P.s follow me on instagram for more :@myinterstellarfantasies.

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