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Limitless Interstellar Fantasies

“The human mind is filled with endless worlds, heaven and hells

a mixture of peace and chaos in unmeasurable and unfathomable amounts

Sometimes, I drift away into the nebulas of my cosmic mind so much, I find more than just the unworldly stars , far-flung and yet so outlying on the edges of the Universe

I witness parts of the Universe in absolute turmoil.


As I tenaciously hold together the immovable storm of what seems to be a bundle of my notions

I realise I am nothing, no one but a bystander witnessing the disasters and crimes of the cosmos

I see solar systems of my own ideas and dreams getting mangled and crushed

I see the parent stars eating away their planets in the murderous of ways

I see beautiful existences coming to an end.


As I make my way to wander deeper inside, I also find tranquil and untroubled sides of my galactic plains

I see how dead but alive the stars look  while being in their alignments and clusters, glinting and staring right back into my widened eyes

It feels as though they know exactly what goes in my mind on and on,

and so they choose to tantalize me with their extrasolar charms and captivating manners

for all one knows, they might be aware how the core of my heart burns the very same away with longing and desires.


Parts of my mind are even as lonely as some planets, abandoned by their star planets and drifted faraway from their orbits

isolated, unloved and striving on their own in mere nothingness

other parts however, are as chaotic as the collision of the largest of galaxies

and how the atrocious but troubled black-holes suck in every possible form of matter and energy, even light

The stars within me collapse onto themselves when I am lovelorn and lonely

or when I get a sudden rush of adrenaline

and I can feel the fiery heat and burning sensation right in my chest.


Together with all these phenomenons, my mind abounds with limitless interstellar fantasies

galactic treasures and nightmares are what I am very familiar of

and it is now my habit to ponder and get lost far away in my reverie

for it is where there is an abundance of gifts in my unfathomed deeps.”
















I am currently 17 years old and from Pakistan. I love astronomy. Period. The Universe and all that it contains never fails to fascinate me , so I choose to use different astronomical terms in my essays , poems , writings etc. I hope you like my content and that my depiction of life fascinates you as well! :) P.s follow me on instagram for more :@myinterstellarfantasies.

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