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‘She was everything’: Part 4

“Her heart was like the storm on the surface of Jupiter

Much larger than the Earth itself

It had been violent and overwhelmed for many many years, preferably centuries

but something caused to calm the storm down for once and for all

A very unique phenomenon

as unique and ravishing as the girl herself who was blinded by the folds of her own insecurities

There she was, she met a soul of her own kind

quite miraculously a perfect match for two

He saw every single celestial beauty within the girl, the kind of beauty not many had seen, especially not the girl herself

He would see things in her much more deeper

deep like the edgeless Universe itself

Her entire existence was abundant with beauty

and yet she denied her own treasures all this time

but now, she made herself home in someone’s mind

who could scan and dig deep into the crevices of her being.”


A little more to come.



I am 16 years old and from Pakistan. Currently an 11th grader who loves astronomy , writing ,trippy pictures, motivational speaking , Islam and things that make our planet a better place. The Universe and all that it contains never fails to fascinate me , so I choose to use different astronomical terms in my essays , poems , writings etc. I hope you like my content and that my depiction of life fascinates you as well! :) Also, many of my imagery posts are based on my real and personal experiences. P.s thank you everyone for the visits , views , likes, follows and comments. You're all loved and your support is appreciated.

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