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Everybody has his or her own gift(s). It does not always have to be something tremendous and colossal, for there is always a monumental blessing in each kind of gift, even if it is about the size of an atom. Even a simple genuine gesture that can help other people in any shape or form, for example a smile, a shoulder to cry on, or a helping hand may mean the entire Universe to someone, anyone. Someone who is desperately in need of comfort and a true friend, or is simply helpless in a situation and may need someone who can somewhat, and somehow release their burdens to a good extent. That one unconditional action filled with passion can make their black holes that suck out their energy and soul evaporate easily, something they never thought would happen. All thanks to you. Not everybody goes an extra mile for others like you do. Sure, everybody can, but not everybody wills to.

Observe yourself. Give yourself time, be yourself, for being yourself is never a crime or a fault. Accept yourself, pour love into yourself, be honest to yourself and be your very own friend. For that too is a gift, even if it is not necessarily a stereotypical talent that tends to impress a wide range audience, it is a gift you give to yourself. Whether it impresses anyone or not, it surely helps you prosper.And yes, it is a gift that will last and help you for a lifetime, you just have to acknowledge it and truly accept it, deep within the core of your heart. That is when your kindness towards everyone and everything in the world will naturally enhance too. You will become softer, more generous, more genuine,

We all certainly have gifts: infinite blessings, talents, skills, endless creativity (each of our kind(s)), and a noteworthy touch to ourselves. It is not always important to rush for them and find them instantly, and it is absolutely not good to dwell over not being able to figure out what makes you different; we are all gifted tremendously and sometimes it is okay to even just reach out for others: other human beings, animals, plants, any being and/or thing that is benefitted thanks to you. You are not incapable or useless, you are gifted, you just need to give yourself a push when you feel you need to bring change, any kind of change.

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Who am I?

“Who am I really?

What am I, beyond the flesh and bones that veil my inner self?

Why do I want to be somewhere else in time?

What purpose do I serve to this vast unknown dimension filled with countless celestial wonders,

when I am so insignificant and negligible while living inside it?

What does my soul actually look like, when I get lost in my own eyes as I stare deep into the mirror?

Does it consist of freshly blossomed flowers, stars, moonlight, sunshine and everything cheerful and lively?

OR does it consist of storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions,tsunamis, destructive black holes and supernovas?

What if it is a paradoxical, baffling combination of heaven & hell, and angels & demons?

Can anybody else see through my eyes and find out the beautifully chaotic mess in me?

This world around me, filled with pastel and cosmic colors, glittery night skies and the blinding sunlight

always reminding me of myself, for I reckon these are all the components of my being,

in some way or another, each in its own mysterious, unexplainable manner

and for life is a journey that leads to an unknown destination, I will explore the true meaning of my existence till I die.”







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You create yourself

“You create yourself.period.The same way you create the person who you want to be, you destroy yourself as well. We always have the choice to be content and grateful, and yet we choose to look at that one aspect or situation that is not going too well. Sometimes, we really do become our own worst enemies.Nobody criticises us as much as we do; nobody notices & points out our flaws and chooses to discuss them 24/7 like we do ,nobody hates us as much as we hate ourselves and most of all, nobody can set us free from this mental agony and prison but ourselves.

Why not turn around the game and pour love inside our souls instead? No, that does not make one conceited or stuck up , because self-love and care is very essential for each and every single one of us in order to grow and shine everywhere like stars and quasars.Instead of becoming your very own rivals , you can befriend your soul,heart and mind respectively because that is when you create your most beautiful , invincible self. Being invincible does not mean becoming invisible to the inevitable law of the Universe and the hardships and trials that it brings in order to test us, but  instead it means to allow your sweetness & love to overpower the hate, doubts , hopelessness and the bitterness.

The tools needed for creating yourself are not scarce but in fact abundant, they are only overlooked by many. Things you will need are:  Your heart , mind and your capabilities. See, it is that simple! You have it all since birth. The next step is : use them, silly.

Listen to your heartbeat, the strong movements of the pulsars in your heart indicate you must listen to where the light wants to lead you to, do not be scared. Do not hesitate to let the nebulas diffuse out of your heart and mind, and allow the cosmic colors flowing within you to form a matchless and outstanding piece of art, be it something unrecognizable but art does not have to make sense. Know that the palms of your hand contain the centre of the largest of galaxies, and stars and the bold ink blackness of the outer space drip from your fingertips. Your mind is the most complex thing in the known Universe, and that should be enough to know how powerful you already are, if in case you feel worthless, powerless and as though you lack what it takes to be yourself.

Do not let any of this go waste, and remember it is not too late to use your supplies and create the finest of works nobody has ever seen before. You are that finest work of art, and what you do is one of the components of the entire portrait. Remember, you can always improve, since you are this good now, imagine how much you can change when you begin to work on all this? Also, remember that even the rugged landscapes of different planets and moons are cracked and flawed, but oh so beautiful. Without their flaws, they would not be the same. Their craters, mountains, depressions in the ground, volcanoes and everything else that they embody are so normal, yet so majestic.”


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In a world full of grey emptiness

“You are a spectrum of bright colors in a world full of grey emptiness. A mosaic work, a rich pastel pattern. You just don’t realise it, sometimes you  overlook the sunshine within you and how the flowers and trees inside you flourish and bloom. Your very quintessence incarnates the beauty and wisdom of the heavens, and your eyes contain the energy of quasars and shine as bright as the center of The Milky Way. Your heart beats rhythmically like pulsars, and the ceaseless thoughts and ideas that pop up in your mind are created like the millions of stars, that are born throughout the inexhaustible Universe. In your blood flow the superclusters of galaxies, and all your Universal components shine with all their might, just for you. Your face and your presence is beautifully unfathomable like a gibbous moon staring up at everyone during a late afternoon.

Your uniqueness is matchless in its own way, because everyone is matchless in their own ways. Amongst the seven billion people, you have your own remarkable attributes which make you a yet another original example of artwork. Everything you touch is beautified, and everything you feel inside is as strong as all the bits and pieces that work together as a ‘team’ and design the Cosmic Web.

Your smile radiates the beams of the Morning sunlight, and strikes the surface of all the greyness that ever existed. Your childish and cheerful laughter melts away the hearts of so many instantaneously, and causes supernovas to form inside their hearts. Wherever you walk by, you leave traces of hope and color, and unknowingly paint other people’s grey phases of life. Hope and faith inside you never dies, it stays around and strives like a dwarf star, surviving for billions of years (that is , till your very last breath in literal life). This is why even during your blackest of days, you can feel a fire ignited inside of you, burning and consuming. It never fades away while you are still breathing. You just never see or fully realise it yourself, because you are in a state of semiconsciousness. You don’t really visualise just how you affect everyone and everything around you. Negativity  runs away with fear the moment you walk in, and yet you say you are powerless. You are the very definition of ecstasy.

Don’t underestimate the interstellar world and fantasies within you, admire them and use them to color a world full of grey emptiness around you. You never know, you might be a reminder of light and aspiration for so many.”


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Blissful but short-lived spring evenings

“Ah, the springtime is here again, like it should be. The time of the year a lot of us have been waiting for, and will continue to wait for each year. To some, it may not be all that special because it is a season that is going to pass away soon anyway, right?

Truth is, it brings along wonderful momentary blessings that are cherishable in their own unique and distinctive ways.

In case you are free sometime , try sitting outdoors , whether its your yard/porch/garden , or a local park or anywhere where you can see and observe the very essence of spring. Just observe. Observe how everything is just there, show-casing beauty in the oblivion. The sky resembling a pastel artwork , comprising of perfectly but randomly blended colors of red, pink, yellow an orange. It feels like the sky is doing it purposely, just for your aesthetic pleasure and joy. Look at the peach-pink and burning orange clouds, as if they have been set on fire by the Sun itself, and how they are changing shapes miraculously and passing by right in your sight. They remind you of how people , situations , moments that later on become bittersweet memories and life itself changes and goes on and on, bringing about changes every now and then.

See how the new flowers and leaves on the trees are gradually growing, their sprouts and new buds appearing and leaving their typical but outstanding scents everywhere. These scents always cause a ‘deja-vu’ like feeling to form right inside your chest which takes you back to last year’s spring and the spring season before that and vice versa.The fresh new greenery reminds you how beauty emerges from within each and every single one of us after we fight our various battles and obtain scars. Even the birds are filled with glee and are chirping their tiny little hearts out like it is the time of their lives. Their tuneful calls and songs unironically bring so much peace to your mind as the Sun unhurriedly begins to set, causing sky’s colors to intensify and adding a feeling of saudade inside you. This entire scenario is such a great source of solace that you may not want it to end ,ever. If you like, you can also bring along your earphones/headphones and listen to music that is as soothing and in accordance with the mood and surroundings. I prefer and recommend you listening to “Rise to glory” by Earth, a non-lyrical song that allows you to sink inside your contemplation at that very moment. Still, if you prefer not listening to music of any sorts during this moment , that is alright too. Whatever suits you and helps you bring spiritual and mental peace better.

After spending your time in this manner on a blissful spring evening, consider if you could contemplate what you wanted to sort out for a very long time or not.Also, try to consider if you could find peace and virtue or not.”


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Is it just me?

“Is it just me who looks at or hears something that reminds them of a bittersweet memory from the past, i.e childhood or the ‘good old days’?

You could be in a state of oblivion, or doing anything or nothing at all until your eyes would ‘accidentally’ capture that one moment and fragment that leads to all the other fragments and collection of your memories, making you forget everything about the present and the future for a few moments and let yourself sink into the sudden nostalgia.

It could be your bedroom ceiling that you begin staring at for apparently no reason , but then it brings about certain flashbacks that bring a happy-sad feeling right in your chest. Now, why would your plain-looking ceiling remind you of something that makes you feel so intensely? Well , maybe it ends up reminding you about your childhood when you used to stare up at your ceiling to look at the “glow in the dark” stickers of the Moon and the stars. You see , this is the thing with memories. Even the most unexpected and random things can relate to your previous years of life.

Maybe you randomly look out your window, or glance at it and notice how gracefully the sunlight rays enter the room as though Heaven was shining and calling out for you, and you end up remembering the good ol’ sunny days when you would go to the local park during spring or early summer and play around with friends or have picnics ( when having picnics was actually a thing). Maybe a certain breeze and its fragrance is what takes you back into the past each time, or even the soothing sound of the fan. Spring time always introduces itself  with lovely , aesthetically amazing fragrant flowers. What if flowers have something to do with your past and memories?

Maybe a gloomy , cloudy grey sky or the violent/calm (whichever may please you) blowing of the leaves immediately brings about a memory from the past that you somehow want back, but now all you can do is cherish the moment similar to a ‘deja-vu’ deep inside your soul. Perhaps , the reason why you actually like stargazing is because you have memories attached to the stars that drag you to a past or dead ‘reality’. For all one knows , a person in your life might have been the brightest star in your life but is no longer there , so you like to go and look at the stars just to preserve the tragically beautiful memory inside your heart. Even if that is not the case in your life (i.e , thankfully the person still is there), you  like to look at the stars anyway in case the person is not around your sight or presence for the time being , because to you there is no difference between your beloved person and the brightest stars and star constellations in a silent, pitch black sky. Conceivably , these ‘stars’ are what make your silent nights not so silent. Maybe the bright full Moon giving off its typical light that still leaves you awestricken each time you go out because you always wanted to walk on the surface of the mysterious and somehow distant friend of Earth whom the Earth cannot survive without. You used to think that maybe the crescent Moon really has a nose like in the drawings or cartoons , but now when you think of it each time you cannot help but smile and feel foolish.

To me , there is yet another thing that is funny about memories. I do not know about you , but some of my flashbacks and memories make me question myself whether I will ever be able to achieve or accomplish even the most impossible things that used to and still linger at the back of my head? I can only let my imagination and thoughts wander this way till my last moment , for the repetition of this process is always so tantalizing and fun, and one may never grow tired of it.”


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The storm

“I have been through a lot in my life up till now

every time things go wrong , a storm appears out of nowhere

and each time the storm returns following another tragedy

it just keeps on getting bigger and bigger

darker and destructive like never before

but somehow, after it is done with its purpose,

it leaves like nothing ever happened

as if the time span in which my entire world fell apart was nothing but a nightmare

like a crime that was never disclosed to the world

the wounds and scars gradually heal

even though my dark old friend keeps visiting when he pleases

However there was only and only one thing I once feared

What if the storm returns?

but then the fear ran away

as I realised that the injuries caused by the viciousness of the storm only make me stronger each time

I began to feel happier than before as the revelation stood right in front of my eyes

and so every time the storm vanishes after its done with seeking its sadistic pleasure

the sun shines upon me

the rays fall over my skin

my eyes twinkle and my smile is just too real

the hope that was crippled once is now much higher than it was before

It has levitated to a higher level and no one can ever bring it down now

I am no longer depressed

I am no ,longer suppressed by my fears and my inner demons

I am finally back to normal, I am powerful

Nothing can steal my shine and will to move towards other galaxies.”


Note: Hey everyone! Sorry for being so inactive, I have my exams coming up very soon! I’ll try posting as much as I can till Monday. Love you all xx.

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Our overwhelmed minds

“Do you sometimes get that overwhelming feeling right in your chest when something random and apparently negligible happens before your eyes or produces unexplainable feelings that you cannot quite put your finger on? As if that ostensibly insignificant moment means everything to you. It can be a scenery or sight you get your eyes on , it can be a person’s smile , it can be a scent or a familiar voice , it can literally be anything at all.

You see , the world is a funny place. Your surroundings can either make you feel like you are in paradise or in the flaming depths of hell. Even if you notice something very tiny that not many people care about , you end up feeling completely perplexed or , even shocked.

Just like when you look around and watch people carefully ( though it may make you look like a stalker , but that is another story) , at the end of the day you obtain more knowledge about the human nature , expressions , body language ,beauty and behavior. It may either fascinate you or shock you! When you begin looking around more , you find out what feelings are behind the other person’s face. It is pretty much an art to perceive different things and read faces & minds which is a joy in its own way. Don’t you feel relaxed and happy inside when you see someone (be it a stranger or someone you know) smiling to their fullest while their eyes are as bright as the sunshine that keeps you warm during winter? What about the mystery behind an apparently expressionless face? Could they be sad , lost in their own deep pools of thoughts or be planning something? What if there is absolute nothingness behind that still face?  By now , you must be thinking how about we all just mind our own business and let things be the way they are , but little things like these help us learn a lot. We human beings really are complex , specially when we sneak and look inside each other with great depth.

Now let us go further ahead to my favorite part. That of course , is nature! Some of us are really prone to emotions , while others do not feel much or anything at all. Still , when we sit back outside in our yards or porches or look outside our windows , we easily get distracted by the attraction of nature ; it feels like we are slowly getting ‘dissolved’ into this painting.Painting ? Yes, to me it seems that our terrestrial home is the canvas and everything that it embodies is the painting and artwork. The ironic part is that Planet Earth is a tiny drop of paint that makes it a component of the endless outstretching painting named the Universe ,along with the glittery stars,vibrant nebulas and what not!

When it is a nice weekend and the weather is pleasant and soothing , you plan to sit outside and gaze around for your own pleasure in order to lighten up the mood even more. First , you see how the friendly breezes brush against the tree leaves enriched with the color green, chlorophyl and life. The way those leaves sway swiftly is just so beautiful. The melodious tunes and singing of the sparrows puts your heart to sleep. The newly blossomed flowers remind you of love , life , romance and the limitless blessings given to you by Mother nature and God. You feel the very same way when you look up the clouds and regardless of their shapes and types , they are all aesthetic eye candy. The clouds make the sky look like it is a medivial painting you just cannot stop staring at! You may want to drift far away and float on them , staying away from everything on the land and whatever it comprises of just for the sake of escapism or fun , maybe. We all have different preferences and meanings of fun , yours could be similar or completely opposite to mine. What a pleasure and journey it would be to go into the wide blue yonder for sometime , or perhaps forever. We feel the same thing when we look up at the night sky whether with our naked eyes or with telescopes,  binoculars etc if you are that passionate. Sitting beside our significant one or friend and watching the orange-red sunset bleeding into the horizon, causing darkness to take dawn ( a Metallica reference 😀 ) is so euphoric , even the thought of it makes one feel warm.

When we listen to music , the guitar riffs & solos , the drums , the bass , the vocals and the entire song in general makes us feel connected to the soul of the Universe. Some parts of the song may make us want to cry our hearts out whether there is a reason or a memory linked to it or not! It is just the way it is, but it is beautiful. That is why we feel specifically connected to a certain song , part of the song or a tune.

The next time you step outside your house for exploration purposes , try noticing minor details around you for they could teach you something valuable or just make you feel relaxed !”


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Bullying & criticism :A self reminder and CLEVER approach

“If certain people make you feel odd & bad about your shy or ‘different’ nature and show you hurtful gestures , just remember that some of them are brought up by being told that whoever is somewhat different from them is a Martian creature ! No offence though , aliens are cool ;)). However getting back to the point , this isn’t your fault because sadly you’re going to be judged and discussed no matter what ,because they just don’t understand or care about your daily struggles.

You see,not everyone has a heart as caring ,loving and huge as yours. If someone points out your flaws & insecurities ( lets suppose  your appearance ,personal habits , persona,  traumatic incidents of life or anything else that irks you) or ridicules something that is truly precious & dear to you then it’s their problem , not YOURS. It’s their problem because they are yet another human being like you among the 7 billion inhabiting this terrestrial planet in a vast galaxy called the Milky Way, that’s also located alongside other similar galaxies, which furthermore lead to the rather obscure & mysterious Universe: a place beyond our complex yet limited imagination. Why must someone’s mere opinion that is completely invisible and out of sight as compared to other wonders of the Universe matter to you ? In a vast and a seemingly endless totality , chances are that an inhabitant of a fairly small planet called ‘Earth’ is not the centre of the Universe.Let’s face it , we being the immortal souls trapped inside mortal bodies will leave this place one day anyway , so why not make good use of our temporary existence and the limited time that always slips out our fingers when we’re not looking?
You’re a Universe yourself ; you have astonishing things within yourself , some of those things and aspects known to many while the rest of you purely & utterly hidden. You’re a mystery that is going to remain unrevealed in many ways for most of the part and only those who truly deserve to have a good look of your inner beauty will know what you are from within. You’re an abstract artwork and a masterpiece , different from anyone else’s work of art. That’s what makes you a different Universe amongst billions of other Multiverses. Why let a little spill of black ink ( that is the harsh judgement thrown at you or a comment directed towards you by another individual ) ruin this imperfect perfection? Art is to be loved , appreciated and criticised , otherwise it is not art after all. Therefore, whenever someone bashes you in any way, just smile and remember they are the critics and you are the work of art , absolutely wonderful & enchanting in your own way.
In this world , criticism and admiration go hand in hand. There is no balance without any of the two components. You see , if everything were to be endlessly admired and exaggerated , the world would be an inhumane and unfair place with no justice. Same is the case with criticism; if there was nothing but criticism the world would be an unnatural place and a living hell. Conclusion is , both make world ‘natural’ and somewhat humane. Every single one of us gets targeted in someway or another at some point or another in our lives , so instead of wondering how you’d possibly get out alive , just remember that you really aren’t the only one going through this. Bullying of all sorts , comments that just crack and break your heart into a million pieces and becoming a topic of gossipy discussion is something we all go through NO MATTER WHAT we do , even if we hide away from the entire world people will somehow manage to find and point us out.
You can’t be everything to everyone  ( a Slipknot reference) ;even if you have  a heart of gold , someone is going to try to make you pathetic anyway. Just remember if you’re gold among coal & pebbles , then splendid! Being different did you good. It is natural that such a valuable gem is going to be pointed out when it’s visible in front of everyone’s eyes; some will want to keep you while some will want to exploit you. That’s why you shouldn’t feel bad if someone belittles you because either they want to be you , get what you have or want to see you below them. they’ll try finding dirt on you in order to classify you as impure , just because the hatred , envy and jealousy surely floods through their veins. You can do nothing but smile about it and thank them for shaping you up and making you even more PRICELESS. It’s alright if you’re comparatively more shy than other people around you , it’s okay if you walk like a penguin because so do I and I’m proud to be a penguin walker because penguins are awesome :)), it’s okay if you lack something that’s out of your control and as cliché as it sounds , it’s completely okay to be yourself. Being yourself is like presenting your special possessions and being downright proud of it
At the end of the day , those who like beautiful things (aka you) will cherish you and keep you in their hearts forever whereas those who are picky and point out flaws out of everything will keep judging. Let them do it and enjoy each and every single moment of your magical life. You might as well take it up a notch! Also, remember that what you hate the most about yourself , someone else will find it to be your most appealing and lovely trait and chances are , you aren’t as glorious without your flaws. Don’t let their words & nasty stares get to you!” 🙂
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That one fateful day

“You and I are just a tiny speck of dust in a vast , seemingly endless Universe that abounds with mysteries and treasures. Yes , to me it is true that our presence in the vastness of the Universe and this beautiful nothingness is insignificant ; this could be an understatement and unfair thing to say when there are numerous , gigantic astronomical & celestial bodies, some of which are beyond the comprehension of the human mind.

The stars we look at in the night sky may appear to be small , ignited particles with the resemblance of glitter from that distance , but how ironic it is that we are as negligible in front of these fuel consuming bodies as small grains of dust on a vast coast of an ocean where sorrow tastes salty and everything is blue. We would melt away even if we were a few million kilometres away from those stars in the interstellar world, and we would go blind as our eyes can never take in so much light and fascination. Their humongous size along with their huge distances always seem to blow everyone’s minds away each time they think about it in detail.

Ever wondered how massive our Sun is? Sun , the bright orange star which helps Earth harbour life on its surface could kill all the life known to existence in case of any changes being brought in the orbit or axis of our very home planet. It is not a coincidence that the perpetually revolving and rotating Earth somehow is still safe m and that we are all alive in a boundless Universe. The limitless heavens await us and somehow it will not matter if we do end up leaving the solar system. Why? That is , because our existence has no impact on this never-ending cosmic web, in spite of our sorrows that we feel inside with great strength.

….And so  on that one fateful day ,  we will all realised what the world comprises of , and how life justly swiftly passes you by in the blink of an eye. Our generations come and go over the centuries , millenniums and so on bringing along chaos on our terrestrial planet but at the same time contributing nothing to our supposedly infinite province. Space and time are best friends that are joined to the hip.If that does not make your head spin then I don’t know what will. Perhaps something far more shocking.”