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“It seems I am comatose in a world so cold, helpless and unable to change my ways

I’m somewhere where the Earth doesn’t move one bit, and the night outstrips the day

Lost deep within the fogs of my blinded mind, deprived of any star unitisations in my empty night sky

Deprived of reason and light, I struggle to find warm shelter, but all I’ve become is ice-cold

Where is the fire I once had lit up inside of me? Where did all the cosmic energy lingering inside my heart ‘vanish’?

Where are the stars that once shone bright for me and lifted up my spirits

, guiding me back home each time?

Why is it so, that the unknown but Divine intervention that once pushed me forward,

is now dragging me back to nothingness?

Why am I so lost?”




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My earnest desire

My earnest desire is to be set free. To wander. To explore trillions of the infinite dimensions each with its own features, completely oblivious to mankind. It is my biggest dreams to travel through the skies, the heavens and to touch the stars. I want to feel their heat right from the core of their hearts. I want to know what its like to be on the other side(s). I want to lay down on the surface of the Moon and count the stars with a loved one. I want to set myself free.
But why is it so, that am not I setting myself free? Why am I the one caging myself when I can cross the limits and exceed my expectations? Why is my life like a frozen moment, so motionless where everything feels all the same? It’s not that I can’t set myself free, I can. I’m just not sure what is stopping me. Is it fear? It is doubt? It is both, going hand in hand?

Whatever it is, one day I will overcome all the hurdles that stop me from reaching my cosmic sources of esctasy (my dreams). Most of all, I will overcome the voices in my head that scream negativity and fear of failure. I will defeat a part of me.

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Galactic Reverie

“Let’s  ponder about life together

this way we will get to know things about each other we never imagined would exist

We won’t talk or move, we’ll just look into each other’s eyes for a bit and hold our hands tightly

I’ll feel your cosmic metagalactic energy transmitting from your hand into mine

and then towards my soul and vice versa

that way I’ll be able to figure out what flows in your blood

and what you really are beyond your skin and flesh

Your entire existence consists of the beautiful components of the cosmic web

Your beauty is more than all the countless stars that linger in the coal-black ocean of emptiness

and your loyalty is consistent like all the phases of the Moon

Your love has made every sunrise and sunset more admirable

and your perplexity is like a saturated evening sky

but there is so much more to you that even you don’t know of

The moment I looked deep into your eyes, I discovered only a few of the hidden parts of the Universe out of the endless ones

I can never find everything you behold within you, there’s so much to explore

but I see so many stars ignited inside you, surviving through the endless fire of love and mercy inside you

You are very much like the unexplored oceans and the hidden and unreachable realms of the Universe

No matter how hard one tries to dive deep inside, they will never get enough

Hearing you breathe is just as soothing as the chords of an acoustic guitar

morning walks were never any better,

your energy wreaked havoc inside my Universe, destroyed it and created a newer one

with its own laws and cosmic wonders.”




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She was everything: Part 5 (final)

“It was not merely her hair which gently brushed against his face that reminded him of the arms of Milky Way calling him back home

but her voice, as if it were the voice of the Universe

It was not just the twinkle in her eyes that resembled the stars and her deep and thoughtful gaze that reminded him of the silent yet howling moon

but the way the word ‘passion’ oozed out of every outline of her being

The signs of passion in her were many, and each moment he spent with her

he fell deeper and deeper into love with her, as though he was travelling through a wormhole but couldn’t find his way back

It was not an issue for him though, for he knew he was heading home anyway.

What left him speechless each time was the fact that she always made him learn something new

something he thought never existed

something not only about herself but about the very core meaning of life itself.

Many had been smitten for her

but even saying that seems to be an understatement

many were willing to ‘pluck out’ all the stars for her from the sky

but it was this one person who was truly capable of not only calming her storm down

but also capable and truly worthy of her love

He was worthy of all the stars and spiral galaxies in her soul

and all the interstellar clusters rapidly moving inside her

for he had seen within her things that were beyond her cosmical beautiful face

unlike the others, He had seen the entire Universe within this walking, breathing, talking human being

He had seen what others never could, or will.”


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‘She was everything’: Part 4

“Her heart was like the storm on the surface of Jupiter

Much larger than the Earth itself

It had been violent and overwhelmed for many many years, preferably centuries

but something caused to calm the storm down for once and for all

A very unique phenomenon

as unique and ravishing as the girl herself who was blinded by the folds of her own insecurities

There she was, she met a soul of her own kind

quite miraculously a perfect match for two

He saw every single celestial beauty within the girl, the kind of beauty not many had seen, especially not the girl herself

He would see things in her much more deeper

deep like the edgeless Universe itself

Her entire existence was abundant with beauty

and yet she denied her own treasures all this time

but now, she made herself home in someone’s mind

who could scan and dig deep into the crevices of her being.”


A little more to come.

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‘She was everything’: Part 3

“She was so simple and yet so complex

She loved simplicity, but had no clue of her complex nature

she lived in the oblivion, unaware of her sophistication

Even her makeup free face displaying her naturally ravishing face

and hair her tied up in a simple pony tail made others go weak on their knees

Her hair when left open, blew so swiftly and gently

like the chilling breeze nearly a lonely ocean

It brought in the hearts of people the urge to cross oceans and travel millions of galaxies for her

And her smile was so graceful, it reminded people of their purpose in life which was once so hidden

Not only did many fall in love, but many also aspired to make others happy

thanks to her existence.”


To be continued. Yes, all of this is pretty long.


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‘She was everything’: Part 2

“Her brain was illuminated by endless bright ideas

like a star-making machine, a galaxy abundant with stars

and yet she felt so powerless

as though she lacked the best intellect

The truth was, she embodied an imperfect, but excellent intellect;

she spoke the language of the Universe

and her heart, it contained so much love and mercy that nobody had ever seen

much like the unknown treasures kept hidden out there in our seemingly never-ending cosmic home.”


To be continued.


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‘She was everything’: Part 1

“Her eyes were like a waxing gibbous moon in the late afternoon and early sunny blue mornings

Mysterious, ghostly, haunting, mesmerizing and needless to say, beautiful

Sometimes, they would make a man feel like he had just seen the full moon overpowering the inky blackness of the sky in her eyes

Just a thousand times more alluring.”


To be continued.

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Limitless Interstellar Fantasies

“The human mind is filled with endless worlds, heaven and hells

a mixture of peace and chaos in unmeasurable and unfathomable amounts

Sometimes, I drift away into the nebulas of my cosmic mind so much, I find more than just the unworldly stars , far-flung and yet so outlying on the edges of the Universe

I witness parts of the Universe in absolute turmoil.


As I tenaciously hold together the immovable storm of what seems to be a bundle of my notions

I realise I am nothing, no one but a bystander witnessing the disasters and crimes of the cosmos

I see solar systems of my own ideas and dreams getting mangled and crushed

I see the parent stars eating away their planets in the murderous of ways

I see beautiful existences coming to an end.


As I make my way to wander deeper inside, I also find tranquil and untroubled sides of my galactic plains

I see how dead but alive the stars look  while being in their alignments and clusters, glinting and staring right back into my widened eyes

It feels as though they know exactly what goes in my mind on and on,

and so they choose to tantalize me with their extrasolar charms and captivating manners

for all one knows, they might be aware how the core of my heart burns the very same away with longing and desires.


Parts of my mind are even as lonely as some planets, abandoned by their star planets and drifted faraway from their orbits

isolated, unloved and striving on their own in mere nothingness

other parts however, are as chaotic as the collision of the largest of galaxies

and how the atrocious but troubled black-holes suck in every possible form of matter and energy, even light

The stars within me collapse onto themselves when I am lovelorn and lonely

or when I get a sudden rush of adrenaline

and I can feel the fiery heat and burning sensation right in my chest.


Together with all these phenomenons, my mind abounds with limitless interstellar fantasies

galactic treasures and nightmares are what I am very familiar of

and it is now my habit to ponder and get lost far away in my reverie

for it is where there is an abundance of gifts in my unfathomed deeps.”














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The story of two stars

“You and I are like stars arranged into constellations

thousands of light years away

To others, we appear not too far;

the apparent view of the distance of our bodies is deceiving

because Dear Lord, the reality is so different

We are tragically but Oh, so beautifully and immensely far away

far away from each other.


We are a mission left unaccomplished

we will never become one and survive at the very same time

for if we ever attempt to unite in order to accomplish both the missions altogether

one of us will die

and that my Dear, will cause nothing but a huge, outrageous and expected and needless to say, inevitable intercosmic holocaust to take place

which may affect our interstellar surroundings for up to so many miles

and yet, we keep dancing our fairytale like dance all on our own

like we always do, shimmering in the night sky

bringing more than just an ounce of hope around.


Our distant bonding means everything to me

therefore, I continue admiring your existence from afar

and remain grateful that you even exist

at least we align on the same sky and galaxy for a purpose

I, however, do not end with my astronomical and extraordinary statements here

for they will never end, no matter how exaggerated they may look and sound

because my love is as infinite for you as the interstellar unknowns hidden away.


I for one know you are better and mightier than me

so if I had to, I would even give you my entire being and existence

let you consume me and allow you to grow more

because I know I am most likely to be that holocaust victim

You’d become a supergiant after ‘eating’ me away, a willingly lovelorn dwarf star

Anything to make your matchless light and heat even more intense;

I am ready for a sweet explosive sacrifice

I am ready to make you whole,  but sadly I am several light years away.”