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Body dysmorphia: Part three (and final)

“Lastly, you ARE beautiful.

Yes, yes , yes.

I wish there was any way for me to drill this deep into your mind

that you are beautiful, in the way you look and in the way you are as a person.

You are the epitome of beauty

You are every synonym of this word

You leave others in awe in moments;

The way you smile from ear to ear

even when you don’t want to

The way your eyes yell passion when you look at something, someone you love

You ooze gorgeousness from every curve and part of your body;

Even if a dozen of people have made you feel otherwise, don’t despair

For each to his own, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder

You may not be a couple of people’s cup of tea

just like one person may like daisies but the other doesn’t

It doesn’t mean daisies are not pretty, and it certainly doesn’t mean you aren’t pretty.

Don’t let the piercing words resulting from ignorance get to you

Even if they make you bleed from the inside after every stab

know that one day flowers will bloom from out of the wounds you carry around

Yes, looks aren’t everything;

It’s the inside that truly counts

but my friend, there’s no shame in wanting to feel pretty

You are pretty.

In all circumstances.

Don’t let the demons inside your mind take this away from you any further

Be just as brave to ask for help as you have been all this time to deal with your trial alone.”


To understand the entire plot, read the previous two parts.

Picture belongs to @psychedelicmaniac on Instagram.

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Ambitions left abandoned

” Ambitions that get left abandoned

are among the worst tragedies of all

It’s never easier done than said

Without immense hustle, one can’t conquer the land of their dreams

they can’t enter other dimensions that they long to see

they can never be among the stars, if they don’t learn how to fight against their blistering heat;

they can only look at them from afar, and wish they could be in their midst

Sacrifices over sacrifices, and yet the expectations one has are let down

they decide to give up, to back off, to remain in their comfort zones

and one day, they realise that they lost the entire night sky

embedded with stars that have the semblance of jewels

over their short-lived comfort

So indeed, ambitions that are left abandoned

are among the worst tragedies of all.”






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My darkness

“I am the sunshine that protrudes from the horizon, I am the blinding light of a quasar. I am also the abyss of the Universe; I wear black all around me like a winter coat for warmth. The darkness coexists with the light deep inside my heart. In my darkness, I behold innumerable clusters of stars. The stars inside my heart are born a glorious birth, but their death always causes dangerous calamities. Without the darkness in my heart, nobody can possibly see my constellations, let alone value them. In my darkness, there also lurk the invisible blackholes. They ‘take in’ the stars that cross their event horizon, and release energy beyond my comprehension. Whenever this happens, I feel overwhelmed and fluttery in the chest. Maybe the blackness of my heart is my strangest comfort; it is the cosmic web of all that lingers inside my being.”


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Wandering through galaxies.

Wandering through galaxies: “As I lay in bed, all I can think of is the amazing coincidence that we exist. That our beloved terrestrial planet Earth exists. That hundreds of billions of galaxies, many of which resemble the Milky Way exist. That the endless sky is embedded with mesmerizing sparkly stars, like rhinestones on a black sheet of paper. In my head, I can feel the definite warmth of the Sun against my being. Oh, how blinding is its beauty. Before I fall into slumber, I see hundreds of galaxies colliding inside my heart. I can feel the stars’ cores crashing into one another.An interstellar chaos that we all experience, for we are all different multiverses; we strive in an infinite world of oblivion. As I finally fall asleep, I dream of flying among the star constellations as though there were no laws of physics whatsoever. What an adventure.” 


 Photo credits: @psychedelicmaniac on Instagram.

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Note: I did not credit the photo owners/artists previously, because I did not remember where I saved the pictures from. However, from now I will keep the artist names in consideration and credit them. 🙂

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Guilt that haunts

“The guilt haunts me everyday

The mistakes I made, the hearts I tore

I tore apart my heart in the process too

I can’t seem to let go of these storms I caused

these cosmic catastrophes take the better of me

My soul and heart feel disconnected from one another

very much like a moon leaving its parent planet’s orbit

drifting away into the abyss and blunt nothingness

My heart has latched onto my errors and faults

and because of this, my inner self feels very much like a black hole now

a black hole that feeds on any negativity that comes its way

I don’t know if I will find my sunshine again someday

I don’t know if I will discover the beautiful star constellations within me again

I hope that one day I make peace with the colliding galaxies inside of me

because once they become whole, so will I

I need to shine brighter than a partial solar eclipse

blinding the world with nothing but kindness

hoping to free everyone from the pain my soul tends to withstand.”





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Transfixed by the Universe

“The Universe, my friend, is a never-ending mystery

The more you dig deeper into it, the more baffled you are left

One maze solved, another one appears before you

only to be left unravelled too

The cycle goes on and on

It is all up to you if you want to keep the game going or quit

and if you do insist to quit, remember one thing

it is better to chase after the stars and float through the nebulas

than to live in complete oblivion

It is better to take the risk of allowing yourself to be devoured by a black hole

only to find out it was a wormhole that lead you to an entirely new dimension

than for you to stay behind over the fear of ending into shreds if you take a step ahead

It is better to spend an entire lifetime exploring wonders and overcoming your fears

than for you to allow your fears to overpower you and stop you from dreaming

for dreams are what lead us all to a sanctuary part of the cosmos

a place where all souls crave to linger within.”



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A fine conversation, PART TWO (and final).


“It was one fine night, and I was ready to carry out the deed

the deed that would appease my heart and soul, and would strengthen our already strong relationship

There he was, I caught him with my eyes with absolute glee, protruding from behind the majestic hills of my town

almost as though he was being reborn, with his somewhat blinding yellow light while emerging very much like the Sun taking rule from behind the horizon during dawn

The moon was at its fullest,now high up in the sky, whilst blending into its  murky blackness with his usual glory

He stayed there, seemingly motionless and reflecting his hopes & aspirations down on Earth

I could see him giving off his typical dark blue neon light from the very outline of his body

A hypnotizing energy one cannot ever fully describe

I could hear myself saying, “Dear moon, if I were to tell you that I loved you fully, deeply and purely, would you ever believe me?”

The moon responded by saying, “I’m not quite sure, my dear, for I am so flawed. Would you love me in spite of all my frailties and flaws, which are so visible in the eyes of everyone else who view me on the daily?”

I said,” Yes, yes, yes. I certainly would, because as cliché as it sounds, your flaws make you beautiful and you wouldn’t be the same without them. Your flaws accentuate your true beauty.”

The moon let out a hopeless sigh, saying,” Well my love, the truth is, If I were to be brought down to this Earth right now, I wouldn’t be as beautiful as before. In fact, I would be terrorising, possibly causing massive destructive to various parts of this world whilst being brought down either by a flaw in physics and gravity, or by the will of a divine deity, or both.”

I disagreed, saying, “Not me. You would still be the same to me as now, even if you descended down to the surface of Earth at this very instance. These marks you call  your flaws, they represent everything you ever withstood up till this very moment. More than four billion years ago, you were born from this very planet Earth; the mother planet that you now orbit, you were once a part of it. A fragment, a major component, that got separated from the rest of its body due to a massive collision, a catastrophe. The grey marks on your surface, are the craters which show the volcanoes you bore when you were first born, and the wounds you bore which you got from the asteroids coming your way, crashing into you. You never had any atmosphere as a shield and veil to protect you, but regardless of that, you stood so strong. Who wouldn’t love you for all of this? My love is the purest of all for you.”

The Moon shone even brighter in response to that, with its glow very reminiscent to my soul. We both sat and smiled at one another for the rest of the night, while chatting and remaining content in the company of each other, and that of the stars.

It was the moment that we both knew our love for one another was extraordinary, the kind where nothing between us would ever change till I die.”



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A fine conversation, PART ONE.


“It was one fine night, like any other I’ve had

Every conversation with the moon, it was just as divine and flawless as the last one

The moon perpetually aligned in the Sky with his companion stars much farther away than the moon himself, it all left me striken with wonder and pleased

This one particular night though, I pondered and pondered upon an idea,  the idea that I wanted to put into words, and hence words into actions

I contemplated to announce my pristine and crystal-clear love to the moon, though I knew the moon already knew everything from within

for he had been there each time, listening to the calm lullabies and happy melodies in my heart, and the mournful screams & cries for help in my head and all my woes

without me even bringing and forming the words upon my lips

In order to express, all I had to do was just sit out there and face him each night

whilst looking deep into his enchanting and howling glow with love and thoughtfulness

and even on some nights when he wasn’t visible to my eyes , I knew he was there, having my back anyway.”


Part two, coming soon.

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“It seems I am comatose in a world so cold, helpless and unable to change my ways

I’m somewhere where the Earth doesn’t move one bit, and the night outstrips the day

Lost deep within the fogs of my blinded mind, deprived of any star unitisations in my empty night sky

Deprived of reason and light, I struggle to find warm shelter, but all I’ve become is ice-cold

Where is the fire I once had lit up inside of me? Where did all the cosmic energy that once lingered inside my heart ‘vanish’?

Where are the stars that once shone bright for me and lifted up my spirits

, guiding me back home each time?

Why is it so, that the unknown but Divine intervention that once pushed me forward,

is now dragging me back to nothingness?

Why am I so lost?”