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‘She was everything’: Part 3

“She was so simple and yet so complex

She loved simplicity, but had no clue of her complex nature

she lived in the oblivion, unaware of her sophistication

Even her makeup free face displaying her naturally ravishing face

and hair her tied up in a simple pony tail made others go weak on their knees

Her hair when left open, blew so swiftly and gently

like the chilling breeze nearly a lonely ocean

It brought in the hearts of people the urge to cross oceans and travel millions of galaxies for her

And her smile was so graceful, it reminded people of their purpose in life which was once so hidden

Not only did many fall in love, but many also aspired to make others happy

thanks to her existence.”


To be continued. Yes, all of this is pretty long.


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‘She was everything’: Part 2

“Her brain was illuminated by endless bright ideas

like a star-making machine, a galaxy abundant with stars

and yet she felt so powerless

as though she lacked the best intellect

The truth was, she embodied an imperfect, but excellent intellect;

she spoke the language of the Universe

and her heart, it contained so much love and mercy that nobody had ever seen

much like the unknown treasures kept hidden out there in our seemingly never-ending cosmic home.”


To be continued.


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‘She was everything’: Part 1

“Her eyes were like a waxing gibbous moon in the late afternoon and early sunny blue mornings

Mysterious, ghostly, haunting, mesmerizing and needless to say, beautiful

Sometimes, they would make a man feel like he had just seen the full moon overpowering the inky blackness of the sky in her eyes

Just a thousand times more alluring.”


To be continued.

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Limitless Interstellar Fantasies

“The human mind is filled with endless worlds, heaven and hells

a mixture of peace and chaos in unmeasurable and unfathomable amounts

Sometimes, I drift away into the nebulas of my cosmic mind so much, I find more than just the unworldly stars , far-flung and yet so outlying on the edges of the Universe

I witness parts of the Universe in absolute turmoil.


As I tenaciously hold together the immovable storm of what seems to be a bundle of my notions

I realise I am nothing, no one but a bystander witnessing the disasters and crimes of the cosmos

I see solar systems of my own ideas and dreams getting mangled and crushed

I see the parent stars eating away their planets in the murderous of ways

I see beautiful existences coming to an end.


As I make my way to wander deeper inside, I also find tranquil and untroubled sides of my galactic plains

I see how dead but alive the stars look  while being in their alignments and clusters, glinting and staring right back into my widened eyes

It feels as though they know exactly what goes in my mind on and on,

and so they choose to tantalize me with their extrasolar charms and captivating manners

for all one knows, they might be aware how the core of my heart burns the very same away with longing and desires.


Parts of my mind are even as lonely as some planets, abandoned by their star planets and drifted faraway from their orbits

isolated, unloved and striving on their own in mere nothingness

other parts however, are as chaotic as the collision of the largest of galaxies

and how the atrocious but troubled black-holes suck in every possible form of matter and energy, even light

The stars within me collapse onto themselves when I am lovelorn and lonely

or when I get a sudden rush of adrenaline

and I can feel the fiery heat and burning sensation right in my chest.


Together with all these phenomenons, my mind abounds with limitless interstellar fantasies

galactic treasures and nightmares are what I am very familiar of

and it is now my habit to ponder and get lost far away in my reverie

for it is where there is an abundance of gifts in my unfathomed deeps.”














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The story of two stars

“You and I are like stars arranged into constellations

thousands of light years away

To others, we appear not too far;

the apparent view of the distance of our bodies is deceiving

because Dear Lord, the reality is so different

We are tragically but Oh, so beautifully and immensely far away

far away from each other.


We are a mission left unaccomplished

we will never become one and survive at the very same time

for if we ever attempt to unite in order to accomplish both the missions altogether

one of us will die

and that my Dear, will cause nothing but a huge, outrageous and expected and needless to say, inevitable intercosmic holocaust to take place

which may affect our interstellar surroundings for up to so many miles

and yet, we keep dancing our fairytale like dance all on our own

like we always do, shimmering in the night sky

bringing more than just an ounce of hope around.


Our distant bonding means everything to me

therefore, I continue admiring your existence from afar

and remain grateful that you even exist

at least we align on the same sky and galaxy for a purpose

I, however, do not end with my astronomical and extraordinary statements here

for they will never end, no matter how exaggerated they may look and sound

because my love is as infinite for you as the interstellar unknowns hidden away.


I for one know you are better and mightier than me

so if I had to, I would even give you my entire being and existence

let you consume me and allow you to grow more

because I know I am most likely to be that holocaust victim

You’d become a supergiant after ‘eating’ me away, a willingly lovelorn dwarf star

Anything to make your matchless light and heat even more intense;

I am ready for a sweet explosive sacrifice

I am ready to make you whole,  but sadly I am several light years away.”









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A note to bullies

“Whatever you put out into the universe will come back to you tenfold.” _Unknown.

Dear bullies,

You think you can steal the shine of others by belittling them, hitting them, throwing abuses at them, pushing them to the ground, giving them the most horrendous names and labels and everything else that do you, but you end up doing so much worse. You end up bringing so many damage causing storms in other people’s lives. Fortunately, you make a lot of them stronger with time and your abusive demeanour. None of your victims deserve it, but many of them will  make good use of their experience, no matter how traumatising it may be. Nobody’s life is a joke, learn how to give respect because some might not be able to take in the hate you keep throwing at them. So far, you’ve crushed the hopes of so many like an asteroid would destroy an entire planet and all that it contains within, including an atom’s worth of sign of life.

You do that because you want to be the most powerful, the coolest of all. The person you call weak, valueless and inferior is actually like one of the largest galaxies namely  IC 1101, a much more powerful person filled with depth the human mind and conscience may not possibly comprehend. The ones you have beaten up several times to the ground or in the school halls can always struck you back with a punch tenfold more painful and injurious, but choose not to behave the same way, for they know their time is much more precious than your time is to you.  You can’t tell anybody they’re bad for being ‘different’, because different never was bad. Those people are the shining huge stars like UY Scuti and VY Canis Majoris amongst stars the size about the Sun. I can’t fathom how some of you have no remorse for the damages you have caused to other people’s lives and sanity.

Listen, you are no less than anybody. You don’t have to let others down to be at the top. If you want power, just try to be THE helping hand people around you instead of being the hand that beats and smothers them. Instead of telling other people they are insignificant, tell them the Universe wouldn’t be the same without their shine. That’s how you will feel so powerful, for crushing hatred and bitterness is the ultimate power, especially if your bitterness is affecting others. If you are doing all of this because you are feeling troubled, seek help and change your ways. Be yourself, take off that mask of your so called edgy side, unless you really are being yourself. In that case, nothing in the world will ever change you.

Yours sincerely,




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“6:43pm. An almost sunless, somber time of the evening. It was not like the aura was unwelcoming, though. That was somehow unusual. The darkness was enough for the stars to appear, one by one as it grew more intense with each passing minute. The cloudless day-time sky was fading away, becoming unilluminated. The process may feel so gradual each time, but that is how the nature of our mind makes us feel. The actual process is different, though; the speed of the night coming to life is actually somewhat rapid. The earth’s speed of rotation is deceiving, unless it is actually measured, so do not let it fool you. The sky looks different at 6:43pm than it does on 6:33pm.

The birds flew back to their nests in groups, for they knew it was their time to retire to their homes instead of being out at 6:43pm on a spring night. The flowers and plants tucked themselves for bed too, by closing up. They had done quite a lot of work the whole day, dancing as the rays of sunshine hit the surface of their being. Dusk had always been sad, but this time it seemed as though it had never been this beautiful.Not all endings are tragic, some are fair and for the better. Whether an ending is happy or sad at first, it is always purposeful. Sometimes, when you look back at the previous and closed chapters of your life, you realise that at the end of the day, it really happened for the better, even if it was excruciating and heart-wrenching during the process. Other times, you know the instance something is gone that it was not meant to be. When something in life happens that is unsettles your soul, at that very instance you are flooded with immediate regrets, and questions pop up into your mind. For example, you may think “Why?, I could have done *this or that*”, and maybe you could and should have, but intermittently what you had planned earlier was not necessarily right for you, no matter how convincingly appropriate it seemed before. Even if you make a mistake worth regretting, later on it gets revealed to you that everything that previously happened in your life actually makes sense afterwards and that perhaps the outcomes could have been worse if these saddening events had not taken place. That is just how life works, not everything turns out exactly  the way you want it to be. That does not mean one must make thoughtless decisions or not think of improving, they must strive for the right thing, but they have to keep in mind that things have to go wrong at times and a one continuous chapter has to end  in order to start off with a newer, fresher one. You must learn from the events, forgive yourself and move on. It takes practise, patience and willpower. The day too has to end in order to remind us of night and darkness, which has its own agonising charm. It is not like the day will not return, it will. It will always allow the night to switch shifts, and that is completely alright. Endings always lead to new beginnings.

I sipped my tea, as I took in the silence of the evenfall and approaching night and appreciated the efforts nature was making to give me endless lessons of life. I looked at the digital clock hung up on my wall, it literally screamed 6:43pm as I felt all this within me. That was when I knew I had to convert my sentiments and revelation into words, a message that could possibly help someone.”


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You create yourself

“You create yourself.period.The same way you create the person who you want to be, you destroy yourself as well. We always have the choice to be content and grateful, and yet we choose to look at that one aspect or situation that is not going too well. Sometimes, we really do become our own worst enemies.Nobody criticises us as much as we do; nobody notices & points out our flaws and chooses to discuss them 24/7 like we do ,nobody hates us as much as we hate ourselves and most of all, nobody can set us free from this mental agony and prison but ourselves.

Why not turn around the game and pour love inside our souls instead? No, that does not make one conceited or stuck up , because self-love and care is very essential for each and every single one of us in order to grow and shine everywhere like stars and quasars.Instead of becoming your very own rivals , you can befriend your soul,heart and mind respectively because that is when you create your most beautiful , invincible self. Being invincible does not mean becoming invisible to the inevitable law of the Universe and the hardships and trials that it brings in order to test us, but  instead it means to allow your sweetness & love to overpower the hate, doubts , hopelessness and the bitterness.

The tools needed for creating yourself are not scarce but in fact abundant, they are only overlooked by many. Things you will need are:  Your heart , mind and your capabilities. See, it is that simple! You have it all since birth. The next step is : use them, silly.

Listen to your heartbeat, the strong movements of the pulsars in your heart indicate you must listen to where the light wants to lead you to, do not be scared. Do not hesitate to let the nebulas diffuse out of your heart and mind, and allow the cosmic colors flowing within you to form a matchless and outstanding piece of art, be it something unrecognizable but art does not have to make sense. Know that the palms of your hand contain the centre of the largest of galaxies, and stars and the bold ink blackness of the outer space drip from your fingertips. Your mind is the most complex thing in the known Universe, and that should be enough to know how powerful you already are, if in case you feel worthless, powerless and as though you lack what it takes to be yourself.

Do not let any of this go waste, and remember it is not too late to use your supplies and create the finest of works nobody has ever seen before. You are that finest work of art, and what you do is one of the components of the entire portrait. Remember, you can always improve, since you are this good now, imagine how much you can change when you begin to work on all this? Also, remember that even the rugged landscapes of different planets and moons are cracked and flawed, but oh so beautiful. Without their flaws, they would not be the same. Their craters, mountains, depressions in the ground, volcanoes and everything else that they embody are so normal, yet so majestic.”


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12:01am was when I met my friends

“I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night. _Sarah Williams.”

“It was 12:01am, the starting of a new day, hence a new chance to change and turn things around. For so many people , their day starts when they wake up around their usual timings after the sun rises , but for people like me, it is the other way around.

I decided to sit outside in my backyard as usual , as the weather was as moderate and satisfying as my emotions. That night however,I could notice my ‘friends’ up there even better. Why? Well, because the silence was of a different kind ; it was not the overwhelming silence that gets on every single nerve present inside one’s body and causes discomfort , and thus makes one bound to escape that very state but a rather divine silence. The kind of silence that everybody needs , in fact there are times when we all do not only seek it , but would do anything it would take to achieve that state of silence. Everybody in the neighborhood and town were probably inside their homes (leaving aside a few exceptional cases) , apparently sleeping or most probably just busy and active on their mobile phones. The thing good about this particular time of the night is that I like and enjoy my own company and it does not overwhelm me with feelings of loneliness and pessimism.It keeps my mind occupied. The only sounds I could hear were the one or two car driving by along with their horns and honks. That was it; no sounds of anyone breathing or walking , and no voices of people talking. Not even the sound of a flying nocturnal creature or something moving in the bushes, nothing. It was just me , the sky above me as blue as the ink inside a fountain pen and the stars dazzling more than expected. All the lights were off too in the entire colony, so it made it easier for me to detect and observe my friends. Plus , the sky was clear and devoid of any signs of air pollution , just for that night.

They were indeed always my friends; from the moment I could see and process thoughts and images in my mind, they became my true friends. I remember how I first truly noticed and admired their beauty when I was about four years old or so, and looked up to stare at them. I felt as though they were shining just for me, saying  ‘hello’ to me and what stood between us were the light years, distances too impossible for species of our World to travel. That was the first time that they ignited the sparks of grit, spirit and delight within me. As years passed by , sometimes feeling like centuries and other times feeling like mere seconds , It seemed as if I had somehow forgotten my friends and that there was an unfilled ‘gap’; yes , I did acknowledge their existence and enjoyed viewing them whenever I could but the connection I have with them now is so profound, certainly as profound and heartfelt as it was when I first noticed their true beauty. You may call it a ‘throwback’.

My face lit up with glee because this was the moment where nothing or no one could disturb me and let me be content the way I was.  The sky is always full of fantastic views and opportunities to gain an extraordinary kind of rigtheousness. Staring at them persistently, I realised I was time travelling, looking at the ‘messages’ of light sent by my friends from many many years ago towards my eyes and my retinas. I thought to myself, “Why are these enormous celestial ‘candles’ so unique, when there are LITERALLY countless of them, scattered and growing non-stop throughout the cosmos?”

That was when it hit me in very deep. Their abundance was meant to be, and there was a beautiful purpose behind it. These divine glowing bodies are up there to remind us that there is a deity in control of everything imaginable, and there are purposes of the totality and all its galactic arms and stars surfacing on its skin beyond chemistry and physics.

If it weren’t for these stars, I would not get half the motivation I have right now for everything in general. They give me life and fuel me with aspirations. They are proof that mercy and love exists in all unbounded forms. There is something miraculous about their glow that lights up passion not only my heart, but also the hearts of millions, perhaps more than a billion people. Maybe every single one of us, once we begin to notice.

Therefore, it was 12:01am that night when I found out I always had my friends to confide to, for they never stopped be from learning, growing and preaching love. Their luminosity was what lead me to write this down.”


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In a world full of grey emptiness

“You are a spectrum of bright colors in a world full of grey emptiness. A mosaic work, a rich pastel pattern. You just don’t realise it, sometimes you  overlook the sunshine within you and how the flowers and trees inside you flourish and bloom. Your very quintessence incarnates the beauty and wisdom of the heavens, and your eyes contain the energy of quasars and shine as bright as the center of The Milky Way. Your heart beats rhythmically like pulsars, and the ceaseless thoughts and ideas that pop up in your mind are created like the millions of stars, that are born throughout the inexhaustible Universe. In your blood flow the superclusters of galaxies, and all your Universal components shine with all their might, just for you. Your face and your presence is beautifully unfathomable like a gibbous moon staring up at everyone during a late afternoon.

Your uniqueness is matchless in its own way, because everyone is matchless in their own ways. Amongst the seven billion people, you have your own remarkable attributes which make you a yet another original example of artwork. Everything you touch is beautified, and everything you feel inside is as strong as all the bits and pieces that work together as a ‘team’ and design the Cosmic Web.

Your smile radiates the beams of the Morning sunlight, and strikes the surface of all the greyness that ever existed. Your childish and cheerful laughter melts away the hearts of so many instantaneously, and causes supernovas to form inside their hearts. Wherever you walk by, you leave traces of hope and color, and unknowingly paint other people’s grey phases of life. Hope and faith inside you never dies, it stays around and strives like a dwarf star, surviving for billions of years (that is , till your very last breath in literal life). This is why even during your blackest of days, you can feel a fire ignited inside of you, burning and consuming. It never fades away while you are still breathing. You just never see or fully realise it yourself, because you are in a state of semiconsciousness. You don’t really visualise just how you affect everyone and everything around you. Negativity  runs away with fear the moment you walk in, and yet you say you are powerless. You are the very definition of ecstasy.

Don’t underestimate the interstellar world and fantasies within you, admire them and use them to color a world full of grey emptiness around you. You never know, you might be a reminder of light and aspiration for so many.”