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Transfixed by the Universe

“The Universe, my friend, is a never-ending mystery

The more you dig deeper into it, the more baffled you are left

One maze solved, another one appears before you

only to be left unravelled too

The cycle goes on and on

It is all up to you if you want to keep the game going or quit

and if you do insist to quit, remember one thing

it is better to chase after the stars and float through the nebulas

than to live in complete oblivion

It is better to take the risk of allowing yourself to be devoured by a black hole

only to find out it was a wormhole that lead you to an entirely new dimension

than for you to stay behind over the fear of ending into shreds if you take a step ahead

It is better to spend an entire lifetime exploring wonders and overcoming your fears

than for you to allow your fears to overpower you and stop you from dreaming

for dreams are what lead us all to a sanctuary part of the cosmos

a place where all souls crave to linger within.”



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A fine conversation, PART TWO (and final).


“It was one fine night, and I was ready to carry out the deed

the deed that would appease my heart and soul, and would strengthen our already strong relationship

There he was, I caught him with my eyes with absolute glee, protruding from behind the majestic hills of my town

almost as though he was being reborn, with his somewhat blinding yellow light while emerging very much like the Sun taking rule from behind the horizon during dawn

The moon was at its fullest,now high up in the sky, whilst blending into its  murky blackness with his usual glory

He stayed there, seemingly motionless and reflecting his hopes & aspirations down on Earth

I could see him giving off his typical dark blue neon light from the very outline of his body

A hypnotizing energy one cannot ever fully describe

I could hear myself saying, “Dear moon, if I were to tell you that I loved you fully, deeply and purely, would you ever believe me?”

The moon responded by saying, “I’m not quite sure, my dear, for I am so flawed. Would you love me in spite of all my frailties and flaws, which are so visible in the eyes of everyone else who view me on the daily?”

I said,” Yes, yes, yes. I certainly would, because as cliché as it sounds, your flaws make you beautiful and you wouldn’t be the same without them. Your flaws accentuate your true beauty.”

The moon let out a hopeless sigh, saying,” Well my love, the truth is, If I were to be brought down to this Earth right now, I wouldn’t be as beautiful as before. In fact, I would be terrorising, possibly causing massive destructive to various parts of this world whilst being brought down either by a flaw in physics and gravity, or by the will of a divine deity, or both.”

I disagreed, saying, “Not me. You would still be the same to me as now, even if you descended down to the surface of Earth at this very instance. These marks you call  your flaws, they represent everything you ever withstood up till this very moment. More than four billion years ago, you were born from this very planet Earth; the mother planet that you now orbit, you were once a part of it. A fragment, a major component, that got separated from the rest of its body due to a massive collision, a catastrophe. The grey marks on your surface, are the craters which show the volcanoes you bore when you were first born, and the wounds you bore which you got from the asteroids coming your way, crashing into you. You never had any atmosphere as a shield and veil to protect you, but regardless of that, you stood so strong. Who wouldn’t love you for all of this? My love is the purest of all for you.”

The Moon shone even brighter in response to that, with its glow very reminiscent to my soul. We both sat and smiled at one another for the rest of the night, while chatting and remaining content in the company of each other, and that of the stars.

It was the moment that we both knew our love for one another was extraordinary, the kind where nothing between us would ever change till I die.”



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A fine conversation, PART ONE.


“It was one fine night, like any other I’ve had

Every conversation with the moon, it was just as divine and flawless as the last one

The moon perpetually aligned in the Sky with his companion stars much farther away than the moon himself, it all left me striken with wonder and pleased

This one particular night though, I pondered and pondered upon an idea,  the idea that I wanted to put into words, and hence words into actions

I contemplated to announce my pristine and crystal-clear love to the moon, though I knew the moon already knew everything from within

for he had been there each time, listening to the calm lullabies and happy melodies in my heart, and the mournful screams & cries for help in my head and all my woes

without me even bringing and forming the words upon my lips

In order to express, all I had to do was just sit out there and face him each night

whilst looking deep into his enchanting and howling glow with love and thoughtfulness

and even on some nights when he wasn’t visible to my eyes , I knew he was there, having my back anyway.”


Part two, coming soon.

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Music to my ears

” Music, every tune of it calms down the unsteady tides of my seas

just like the Sun and  Moon do,

but it can make them rise and cause tsunamis too, depending on every tune and note

The simple yet soothing chords of an acoustic guitar being played on a cruise,  a gleeful night

make me feel connected to the soul of Milky Way

whilst the lustrous surface of the sea-water reflects the glorious full moon’s light

The heavy and intense guitar riffs & solos make my soul feel connected to the heart of the Universe, what more can I say?

Music is a medium that connects one to the endless realms of the cosmic totality, a wormhole indeed.”











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A piece of writing written by me, and dedicated to one of my greatest inspirations- generally in every aspect, and specifically in the pursuit of writing: Ezza Naveed Irfan!! Make sure to check out her blog: @WalkingOnWonder.

“What’s your favorite color?” “Oh, I don’t have a favorite; I love and appreciate all colors. I love the color black out there in the beautiful realms of the universe that’s as dark as ink. I love the color white, for it reminds me of the optimistic and seemingly unstoppable ‘sparkle’ of each star in the nightsky, and the ghostly glow of the moon. I love the neon blue color outline which you can see around the moon on a specially dark night, just when you focus hard enough. I love the ruby red richness of the nebulas situated in the heavens, and all the different shades of purple & pink that accentuate their appearance. You can say that every color related to the cosmic world and it’s wonders is my favorite. You can also say that every color found on this terrestrial planet that we strive on is undoubtedly my favorite too. For example, I love the soft lilac blue sky that you see every morning, that is if you wake up as early as the rise of the sun. I love all the shades and colors that the sun, a blinding beauty itself, forms on the sky during different times of the day. I love the peachy and fiery orange that forms around dusk, just when the sun bids farewell to the inhabitants of planet Earth, whilst giving the clouds around the exact same bright and fire-like pigment. Oh, and how can I forget the color green? A color that so many of us take for granted, and even despise, deeming it as boring ! Those are the very same people, who enjoy having rich green trees that stand tall and mighty in their midst, and make them feel alive. Conclusion: every color is my absolute favorite.”



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Exemption from your personal hells

When I had nothing to lose, I had everything. When I stopped being who I am, I found myself.”
― Paulo Coelho, Eleven Minutes.

*Note: The following may not be applicable to all people, because everyone has had a different past, that is… a rough past. A rough childhood. Of course, innumerable children deal with a list of problems as any average adult, sad but true.I sincerely apologise if this seems like this is a post containing stereotypical content about being problem-free during your childhood. It isn’t, at least from my side. I don’t mean to offend anyboy. The point is, I have a message to convey. I hope you understand.*

When you were a kid, you didn’t let allow yourself to fall into the enslavement of people-pleasing.

You didn’t analyze or justify yourself in  order to feel validated, you didn’t care if people approved your existence and/or your persona.

You were content just the way you were; you cared about your pet goldfish, or your puppy, or your latest toy, or your candy, or your parents (and the list goes on and on). The point is, you found happiness and joy in every little thing that came across your way.

Most of the times, if you didn’t like something, or someone, you thought to yourself, “To hell with it! I’ll go ride my bike or something” and genuinely moved on, instead of letting it bother you to your very core.

Thing is, you loved yourself. You did what you wanted, you spoke what was on your mind without the fear of being judged, about people’s shallow or petty assumptions, about you being a target of gossiping & hot topics, you didn’t always believe the things told to you by others which were both bad and wrong. You didn’t rely and feed on people’s constant approvals and compliments, though you were certainly appreciative of their kindness. You had your own back, you were more fearless and most of all, free of any regrets, at least the huge ones. Let me demonstrate further: you might’ve regretted not bringing your umbrella to school or a day when it rained cats and dogs, or that you didn’t consider bringing an extra pencil to school because you lost the one you had during the moment in school, and needed to write, but had nothing to write with. However, you didn’t regret BIG things, like compromising things specially valuable to you, jeopardising your present and/or future and letting go of something, someone, an oppurtunity to grow in fears of putting everything else that you had ever known of at risk. The fear of failure itself leads to actual failure. Not being prepared to sacrifice a little, or a lot for something your heart beats fast for, and ending up jeopardising a once-in-a-lifetime chance. Maybe you didn’t go for it because you weren’t sure what others thought of you, and what others would think of you and your newly made decision. Maybe you feared their opinions, and hence allowed them to take over your subconsciousness and subsequently your decisions. Therefore, you just weren’t as sure and clear-minded and thereby filled with doubts. Doubts in yourself. Doubts in your capabilities, your gifts.

Yes, life isn’t a bed or roses or a fairytale land either, where everything is easy peasy lemon squeezy; things are going to get harder and harder and you’ll be tested with trials according to your strength, you just never have to doubt it and think you lack anywhere. Know you are capable of moving about freely to hustle hard and make your dreams come true.

When you stop analyzing yourself, trying to find justification within yourself for every move you make, every breath you take, you find wisdom; when you find wisdom, you find a way towards your soul, and that too flawlessly and effortlessly. When you stop worrying about causing someone else’s displeasure just because you chose to do what you HAD to, you achieve a sense of freedom no one can ever steal from you but yourself. When you realise that nothing ever is truly yours, you let go of the fear of losing anything in the first place. Loss simply is an inevitable, and a lot of times a healthy process of life which you learn to accept sooner or later. When you truly realise that time does not wait for anyone, and that it is short yet ample in amount, you will stop waiting for time to always give you chances, and you will stop fully relying on time to heal your wounds. You’ll have your back just like you did once: through innocence, immaturity, learning & growing, through the phase when you were mostly oblivious to the world and through the times when you began to actually see the world. The rough times, the various confusing times and the exhausting times. When you’ll find out that you really are your own person, your own source of love and strength, that is when  you’ll be able to face, communicate and eventually get along with your personal hells. That is when you’ll be able to convert those hells into something less volatile, less violent and less powerful. You’ll exempt yourself from your personal hells.



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The Sky is the limit, really.

“The enormity of this world and the entire Universe is petrifying

the thought of having to struggle after every step is terrifying

the idea of heartbreak, agony and pain is transfixing

but Dear you, how will you get to taste the sweet nectar of life without the hustle and bustle?

How will you get to touch the stars without learning to fly

and how will you learn to fly when you can’t even crawl- let alone run and jump?

How will you witness the opalescent glow of the pearls right in your palms without diving in deep waters?

How will you ever feel the joy and the rush of adrenaline from skydiving without taking the risk of falling?

How will you ever be fully aware of yourself without any heart and stomach wrenching experiences?

Triumph you see, comes from taking steps you don’t want to take

It comes from leaving behind fears and habits that keep you away from success

but you can’t seek the light and achieve the long-awaited success if you disincline to leave the toxicity behind

After all, the enormity of the world is not something you should run or hide from

it is something you must face with brisk optimism

and feel with every fibre of your body in order to be in contact with it

for the sky really is the limit, and once you seize the heart of the Universe

your fear becomes your dream, and your dream becomes your companion.”




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Heavy Heart

“The heart you see, has been designated as the organ of love

and the organ of pain for a reason

Each time you suffer, you feel it in your chest

not only does your entire world quake stormily, but you feel your heart shattering

You can feel each and every crack forming at its very surface, and your soul being careened towards the abyss apace

There is nothing that you can do to stop your soul from fading away deep into the darkness of the night, devoid of any stars to guide you back to the light that you had once known

for you are being eaten away from inside by your frailties and your insecurities

The toxicity of heartache is so often taken for granted, if only they knew the ruinous effects it brought along with it

The world is a ruthless place, bound to leave painful imprints on your heart

Imprints which are woeful but nevertheless quite exquisite too

They are embedded there as a lesson, but they haunt much like a poltergeist

that is why the heart feels heavy, the body and mind exhausted and the soul lost.”


Note: For those of you who have followed my blog and enjoyed reading my blog, thank you for the support,it helps a lot. Also, sincere apologies due to the fact that I had been inactive for THREE months. Not only had I procrastinated when I did have the time, but I was also dealing with some problems of my own, along with a hectic school routine. Stay blessed, I will keep writing and posting more from now!


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Everybody has his or her own gift(s). It does not always have to be something tremendous and colossal, for there is always a monumental blessing in each kind of gift, even if it is about the size of an atom. Even a simple genuine gesture that can help other people in any shape or form, for example a smile, a shoulder to cry on, or a helping hand may mean the entire Universe to someone, anyone. Someone who is desperately in need of comfort and a true friend, or is simply helpless in a situation and may need someone who can somewhat, and somehow release their burdens to a good extent. That one unconditional action filled with passion can make their black holes that suck out their energy and soul evaporate easily, something they never thought would happen. All thanks to you. Not everybody goes an extra mile for others like you do. Sure, everybody can, but not everybody wills to.

Observe yourself. Give yourself time, be yourself, for being yourself is never a crime or a fault. Accept yourself, pour love into yourself, be honest to yourself and be your very own friend. For that too is a gift, even if it is not necessarily a stereotypical talent that tends to impress a wide range audience, it is a gift you give to yourself. Whether it impresses anyone or not, it surely helps you prosper.And yes, it is a gift that will last and help you for a lifetime, you just have to acknowledge it and truly accept it, deep within the core of your heart. That is when your kindness towards everyone and everything in the world will naturally enhance too. You will become softer, more generous, more genuine,

We all certainly have gifts: infinite blessings, talents, skills, endless creativity (each of our kind(s)), and a noteworthy touch to ourselves. It is not always important to rush for them and find them instantly, and it is absolutely not good to dwell over not being able to figure out what makes you different; we are all gifted tremendously and sometimes it is okay to even just reach out for others: other human beings, animals, plants, any being and/or thing that is benefitted thanks to you. You are not incapable or useless, you are gifted, you just need to give yourself a push when you feel you need to bring change, any kind of change.

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Who am I?

“Who am I really?

What am I, beyond the flesh and bones that veil my inner self?

Why do I want to be somewhere else in time?

What purpose do I serve to this vast unknown dimension filled with countless celestial wonders,

when I am so insignificant and negligible while living inside it?

What does my soul actually look like, when I get lost in my own eyes as I stare deep into the mirror?

Does it consist of freshly blossomed flowers, stars, moonlight, sunshine and everything cheerful and lively?

OR does it consist of storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions,tsunamis, destructive black holes and supernovas?

What if it is a paradoxical, baffling combination of heaven & hell, and angels & demons?

Can anybody else see through my eyes and find out the beautifully chaotic mess in me?

This world around me, filled with pastel and cosmic colors, glittery night skies and the blinding sunlight

always reminding me of myself, for I reckon these are all the components of my being,

in some way or another, each in its own mysterious, unexplainable manner

and for life is a journey that leads to an unknown destination, I will explore the true meaning of my existence till I die.”