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Chester Bennington

A year ago, we perpetually lost a soul

a soul filled with serenity, love and warmth

his voice held within itself infinite multiverses

his vocals so melodiously soft, yet so robust & empowering

The poor lad, however, was missing inside him a part

a part he had lost for years, a part without which he became heartsick

decaying away from inside, being unable to stop the decomposition

Without internal peace, a soul becomes lost, a soul becomes desolated

a desolation that lasts for decades , eventually fills the abyss with something more treacherous

he hid his desolation and void behind his passion, his ultimate gift

the gift that saved millions across the world;

How everyone celebrated amidst his harmonious aptitude,

found absolute solace within the heavenly works of art he made

How the poor lad saved so many from breaking apart, from giving up everything away

while being unable to save himself from the depths of depression- no less than the depths of actual hell

All it took was a rope, a noose to finish what had already withered inside him

all it took was a chasm between hope and hopelessness, that took him away from us.”








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Do it while you can

“Do it while you can

for time never promises;

only what you create in the present does

Do it while you can,

for the sweetness of your reward will be tenfold the sleepless nights

and every ounce of sweat, tears, blood, and energy that you provided

Do everything your heart beats for,

for time is finite, and one’s desires entail commitment

You have to be assiduous and persistent, in order for you to win the heart of the Universe

Fall one time, get up, fall two times, get up on your feet again

rest on the ground as long as you will, but never decide to let go of your passion

like a rope you firmly held onto and let go off, only because it bruised your hands

Do it while you can, for you can undoubtedly earn what you dream for

because no matter how big and unattainable your dreams may be in your eyes

you will always be bigger.”



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Body dysmorphia: Part three (and final)

“Lastly, you ARE beautiful.

Yes, yes , yes.

I wish there was any way for me to drill this deep into your mind

that you are beautiful, in the way you look and in the way you are as a person.

You are the epitome of beauty

You are every synonym of this word

You leave others in awe in moments;

The way you smile from ear to ear

even when you don’t want to

The way your eyes yell passion when you look at something, someone you love

You ooze gorgeousness from every curve and part of your body;

Even if a dozen of people have made you feel otherwise, don’t despair

For each to his own, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder

You may not be a couple of people’s cup of tea

just like one person may like daisies but the other doesn’t

It doesn’t mean daisies are not pretty, and it certainly doesn’t mean you aren’t pretty.

Don’t let the piercing words resulting from ignorance get to you

Even if they make you bleed from the inside after every stab

know that one day flowers will bloom from out of the wounds you carry around

Yes, looks aren’t everything;

It’s the inside that truly counts

but my friend, there’s no shame in wanting to feel pretty

You are pretty.

In all circumstances.

Don’t let the demons inside your mind take this away from you any further

Be just as brave to ask for help as you have been all this time to deal with your trial alone.”


To understand the entire plot, read the previous two parts.

Picture belongs to @psychedelicmaniac on Instagram.

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Body dysmorphia: Part two.

“Listen, you beautiful person

If in case you’re suffering from the pain of not feeling physically appealing

I’m there for you.

I’m there for you in every shape and form.

It’s okay for you to suffer, it’s not your fault in any way

It’s not selfish of you to want to know what you truly look like

It’s not selfish of you to want to feel attractive

Most of all, it’s not selfish of you to be prone to any kind of suffering, any kind of mental issues

It’s never selfish to be human.

If and when people attempt to take away your right to be real, don’t allow them to

If people attempt to alienate you by making you feel guilty, dont’ be afraid to let go of them;

I’m not sure if these cliché platitudes will help you or not, but at least you must know you’re never alone.”


To be continued! To find more sense in this poem, read the previous part as well. Thank you.

Art by: @alexgarantart on Instagram.

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Body Dysmorphia: Part one.

“Body dysmorphia,

A struggle that is hard to battle with each day

It’s like looking at yourself in the mirror and not being able to see

what a glorious view you are

To be unable to see the way your eyes shine

like a fracture in the dark night sky

giving someone hope

leaving someone awestruck and smitten during the process

It’s like not being able to see what a charismatic smile you have

How it lights up your entire face like a ray of sunshine

falling onto blooming sunflowers and buttercups

It’s like not being able to see how much beauty your body offers to the eyes of various people

A person with body dysmorphia does not see any of it

They cannot see any of it.

A person with body dysmorphia firmly believes in the following words:

Ugly, overweight, mediocre-looking, unattractive, unappealing

so on and so forth

Not many can see the pain hidden behind the thin smiles of the sufferers

Many find it impossible to deal with it in the next five minutes or so

and yet they survive with the demon inside their brain for hours,days, weeks,months,years,


This demon inside of their brain makes them believe they are disastrously unappealing to look at

The pain is difficult to comprehend for a lot of people,

and some worsen it for the sufferers

If only there was something I had to say to these strong body dysmorphic people….

Wait, I do.”


To be continued.



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Ambitions left abandoned

” Ambitions that get left abandoned

are among the worst tragedies of all

It’s never easier done than said

Without immense hustle, one can’t conquer the land of their dreams

they can’t enter other dimensions that they long to see

they can never be among the stars, if they don’t learn how to fight against their blistering heat;

they can only look at them from afar, and wish they could be in their midst

Sacrifices over sacrifices, and yet the expectations one has are let down

they decide to give up, to back off, to remain in their comfort zones

and one day, they realise that they lost the entire night sky

embedded with stars that have the semblance of jewels

over their short-lived comfort

So indeed, ambitions that are left abandoned

are among the worst tragedies of all.”






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My darkness

“I am the sunshine that protrudes from the horizon, I am the blinding light of a quasar. I am also the abyss of the Universe; I wear black all around me like a winter coat for warmth. The darkness coexists with the light deep inside my heart. In my darkness, I behold innumerable clusters of stars. The stars inside my heart are born a glorious birth, but their death always causes dangerous calamities. Without the darkness in my heart, nobody can possibly see my constellations, let alone value them. In my darkness, there also lurk the invisible blackholes. They ‘take in’ the stars that cross their event horizon, and release energy beyond my comprehension. Whenever this happens, I feel overwhelmed and fluttery in the chest. Maybe the blackness of my heart is my strangest comfort; it is the cosmic web of all that lingers inside my being.”


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Wandering through galaxies.

Wandering through galaxies: “As I lay in bed, all I can think of is the amazing coincidence that we exist. That our beloved terrestrial planet Earth exists. That hundreds of billions of galaxies, many of which resemble the Milky Way exist. That the endless sky is embedded with mesmerizing sparkly stars, like rhinestones on a black sheet of paper. In my head, I can feel the definite warmth of the Sun against my being. Oh, how blinding is its beauty. Before I fall into slumber, I see hundreds of galaxies colliding inside my heart. I can feel the stars’ cores crashing into one another.An interstellar chaos that we all experience, for we are all different multiverses; we strive in an infinite world of oblivion. As I finally fall asleep, I dream of flying among the star constellations as though there were no laws of physics whatsoever. What an adventure.” 


 Photo credits: @psychedelicmaniac on Instagram.

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Note: I did not credit the photo owners/artists previously, because I did not remember where I saved the pictures from. However, from now I will keep the artist names in consideration and credit them. 🙂